FNB Islamic Investment Account Review

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Do you want to learn more about FNB Islamic Investment accounts in South Africa?

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This page will teach you all you need to know about the FNB Islamic Investment account review, its features, and how to open an account.

The FNB Islamic investment account adheres to Islamic Shariah rules.



It is a savings account in which you may invest your money and earn interest and principal over time.

When the investment time finishes, First National Bank, a reputable bank, guarantees full payment of the agreed-upon interest rate and principal deposit.

With a maximum investment duration of 60 months, the bank will give you 6.30 percent interest on your deposit.

The higher the interest rate, the longer you keep the investment.

The bank deposits the gathered profit once a month.

The fact that you have entered into a set term is an important aspect of this account.

As a result, your investment will provide a higher profit than one due tomorrow.

FNB Islamic Investment Account Benefits

The following features are available with the FNB Islamic South Africa Investment account:

1. There is no fee for the account.

On a monthly basis, the account is free to use.

As a consequence, you receive your whole earnings, with no bank deductions.

2. You choose the length of time you wish to invest.

It is totally up to you how much time you choose to devote.

Because the bank cannot choose for you, you have the freedom to determine how long you invest for.

The time span, however, is limited to a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 60 days.

3. Profitable accessibility

Even if your investment time has not yet expired, you may withdraw the profit that has been deposited into your account.

You will not, however, be able to access the principal until the investment matures.

4. Boost your investment.

You can include the monies in your first deposit, and they will be considered when the investment matures.

5. Reinvest or redirect funds

The bank allows you to transfer profits from one account to another or reinvest them.

Sixth, profit-sharing is done on a monthly basis.

FNB makes the profit accessible to you once a month, and you may spend it anytime you choose.

7. Additional Benefits

You will receive eBucks points for using this account, which may be used to progress to a higher level.

First National Bank’s Qualifying Criteria for an Islamic Account

This account must start with a minimum balance of R10,000.

Documents needed

The following are the primary documents required to open an account.

If extra evidence is required, the bank may contact you. Proof of residence (not older than three months) In South Africa, an ID book or an ID card is used.

If you wish to create a FNB Islamic Investment account, head to your nearest FNB branch with the required papers and an initial balance.

That was the FNB South Africa Islamic investment account’s evaluation.



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