FNB Offshore Investment Account In South Africa

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Have you heard about South Africa’s FNB offshore investment account? Discover more here.
As the adage “never put all your eggs in one basket” implies, the same holds true when considering offshore investing.
If you are a South African, I will explain everything you need to know about FNB South Africa’s offshore investing strategy.

Investing in offshore companies has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

One fact is that there is no guarantee that your investment will perform as well as you anticipate.

Additionally, it may thrive.



The proper method for determining the correct answer and option is to confer with the appropriate experts.

The FNB can assist you with the correct financial experts.


Choosing the correct offshore investment can be intimidating at first, but everything becomes clearer after speaking with the right person.

FNB has the necessary individuals to assist you in gaining a better understanding of offshore investment.

They can connect you with Wealth Managers, Financial Planners, foreign exchange specialists, and Fiduciary Specialists.

Apart from that, the bank has developed a comprehensive range of international investment and wealth management products to fulfill your specific needs.

FNB offers a one-stop shop for all your financial needs, including assistance with your Single Discretionary Allowance and Foreign Investment.

Allowance, assistance with opening an international bank account, assistance in selecting the appropriate investment vehicle, and help on how to form a family trust to safeguard your money.

FNB Wealth & Investment consultants will follow a structured approach to gain a complete understanding of your financial affairs, family circumstances, and property structures.

This assists in establishing appropriate investment objectives and is critical in determining:

Once your plan has been devised, the Wealth & Investment specialists will assist you in carrying it out.

This includes guiding you through the heightened KYC (know your customer) requirements associated with establishing offshore assets, as well as providing expert exchange control guidance.

Additionally, you will be assisted by a small group of cross-border consulting professionals in managing exchange control obligations.

Additionally, they will aid you in acquiring a tax clearance certificate swiftly and easily if your investment is between R1m and R10m to qualify for the foreign investment allowance.

Wealth and investment specialists will give you with long-term, consistent guidance and portfolio management.


If you are an existing FNB customer, your FNB offshore investment journey will begin.

If you are, please contact your FNB Service Suite or visit your nearest FNB location for a chat with your Private Banker or Wealth Manager.



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