Full List Of Best Law Schools In Ghana


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Do you intend to attend any of Ghana’s law schools? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the perfect spot to learn more about Ghana’s top law schools.

Law has shown to be one of the most promising disciplines to study in Ghana and throughout the world. The profession itself has a sense of nobility that everyone wishes to be connected with. The respect it commands in our culture says volumes in and of itself.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “lawyer”?

We know you’re happy for such a person, and that’s the kind of respect the profession demands all around the world.

For many years, few people have been able to pass the legal entry tests, proving our point that the school is extremely hard.

To acquire a degree in law schools in Ghana, you must enroll in one of the country’s accredited law schools. The degree program lasts four years, during which time you will learn about the course.

If you wish to read and practice law in Ghana, consider attending one of the law schools listed below.

List of Ghana’s Top Law Schools

The following are the finest law schools in Ghana to which you may apply:

Ghana Law School

Ghana’s law school is regarded as one of the best in the country. Learners are prepared for interviews, trial and advocacy presentations, and write-on competitions for law journals. They offer a highly qualified and experienced faculty that prepares students for future employment. Learners are also required to take bar tests to demonstrate their understanding. They are the country’s sole law school that provides professional legal courses.

GIMPA Law Faculty

Learners are instructed to develop their oral skills since they play such an important part in their presentations. The university conducts continuous evaluation examinations to monitor the progress of the students. They have a dedicated team whose goal is to provide learners with relevant skills that will help them make successful career selections.

Law Faculty at Wisconsin International University College

The college is a branch of the University of Cape Coast. It is one of Ghana’s top private schools. The university attempts to foster lasting ties among students through cooperation, particularly through a law magazine. In addition, the professors play an important role by using their extensive experience to assist the students in a variety of areas. This helps them prepare for future work with groups of attorneys.

Law Faculty at Mountcrest University College

The university is well-equipped with cutting-edge legal education technology. They attempt to put students in real-world settings where they can apply what they’ve learned in class. The institution’s professors are of the highest caliber and experience. They urge learners to brainstorm in order to maximize their potential.

The Law Faculty at UCC

Through frequent assignments and projects, the school assists students in developing communication abilities. They are also taught negotiating skills that they might use when disputing an issue or opposing a decision. The students are expected to write in law journals on occasion and to take their bar tests.

The Faculty of Law at KNUST

The majority of the school’s graduates appreciate the institution for helping them enhance their analytical skills. Learners are taught how to collect data for their cases and how to deduce and draw conclusions based on facts and statistics. They are then taught how to analyze the data via a sophisticated analytical loop in order to reach findings and provide suggestions.

The Faculty of Law at Kings University College

The institution guides the student through a journey in which they are presented with real-life scenarios relating to their vocations and are then required to utilize the information obtained to make informed decisions. They are trained to use various methods of disputing arguments and presenting thoughts.

Law Faculty at Central University College

The institution boasts a well-organized and experienced faculty that have made a reputation for themselves in Ghana’s legal business. Learners get the opportunity to observe realistic demonstrations of what their occupations require in order to urge them to put in the effort. They are taught how to look at emergent challenges from a new angle before making a conclusion.

Lancaster University

The institution teaches students how to function successfully under duress. This is accomplished through frequent assignments and the use of law journals. This is to prepare for the high-pressure job that a legal career entails. They are competent at increasing efficiency even while under a lot of stress and with a heavy workload.

The entry requirement for Law schools in Ghana

To qualify for admission to the Ghana School of Law for the Professional Law Course, applicants must be successful at the Entrance Examination. The categories of applicants listed below are eligible to write the Entrance Examination:

ALL LLB graduates from the Faculties of Law of Public Universities in Ghana, including KNUST, Kumasi; University of Ghana(Legon), and GIMPA approved by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) and the General Legal Council (GLC)

ALL LLB graduates from the Faculties of Law of Private University Colleges in Ghana approved by the NAB and GLC.

ALL Ghanaian LLB graduates or holders of equivalent law degrees from Universities in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, and other common law jurisdictions who have obtained passes in all the prescribed subjects/courses for admission to the Professional Law Course.

For the avoidance of doubt, applicants from overseas/foreign Universities who possess LLB certificates or certificates for equivalent law degrees shall be eligible to write the Entrance Examination if such applicants have passed the subjects below at the LLB or equivalent level:

  • Ghana Constitutional Law
  • Ghana Legal System and Methods
  • Criminal Law
  • Law of Equity and Succession
  • Law of Torts
  • Law of Contract
  • Law of Immovable Property
  • Company Law
  • Commercial Law

In addition to the nine (9) subjects listed above, applicants must have studied and passed any one of the following subjects:

  • Law of Natural Resources
  • Environmental Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Law of Taxation

Applicants who are admitted to undertake the Professional Law Course are enrolled as Barristers at Law and Solicitors of the Supreme Court upon their successful completion of the Course.


Attending the best law school in Ghana matters since not only for your CV but it also speaks volume of the quality of education you have garnered.

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