GES Study Leave With Pay 2022/2023


Requirements For Paid GES Study Leave
The following outlines the requirements for paid study leave in 2022/23.

You must have served for at least three years after graduating from college.

Eligible applicants serve the GES in disadvantaged districts or schools.

All qualified applicants must enroll in courses deemed acceptable by the director of GES.

GES employees seeking a second or third degree are not eligible for study leave with pay.

5. Principle Superintendents who attained their positions through a sandwich scheme are ineligible to apply.

GES employees above the age of 55 do not qualified for the study leave with pay.

Required Documents for GES Study Leave with Pay

The required documentation for the 2022-2023 study leave with salary are as follows:

1. a revised Personal Record Form containing a passport photo.

2. First appointment letter

Letter of verification

4. Certificates (BECE, WASSCE & DBE)

5. Birth Registration

6. Payslip

7. SSNIT Permit

How To Obtain Paid GES Study Leave

Conditions under which paid study leave would be granted

You must have

1. moral rectitude

2. Effective Performance

Recommendation from the direct supervisor

4. 1st CONSIDERATION: Personnel of GES who have served for two(2) or more consecutive years in a deprived area or Personnel who have been admitted to read crucial subject areas and have served for at least two years in the Service.

5. Second CONSIDERATION: Ten(10) or more years of service after the initial term of study.

6. Third CONSIDERATION: 5 to 9 years of service following previous education.

GES Study Leave With Pay Forms PDF: Application Instructions

The District Education Office will provide application forms and personal record forms to qualified teachers. Alternatively, application forms can be downloaded here.

2. Applicants must complete four copies of the application form and attach certified copies of all certificates requested.

Applications must be submitted to the applicant’s Regional Director via the District Director or Institution’s Head.

The Regional or District Directors would guarantee that the list of candidates reaches the Director of the Human Resource Management and Development Division (HRMD) at the GES Headquarters by the end of May each year.

Eligibility for GES Study Leave With Compensation

Generally, a minimum of five (5) years of service is required to qualify for study leave with pay.

Teachers in important subject areas (Mathematics, English/Linguistics, Science, French) are required to teach for a minimum of two years prior to taking paid study leave.

Members returning from a Detachment must serve at least two(2) years before becoming eligible for study leave with pay.

4. Prior to being eligible for study leave with pay, members who leave the Service and are re-engaged must serve a minimum of five years.

Members who are eligible for study leave with pay are required to serve for a minimum of two(2) years after completing their course of study.

6. Teachers studying non-teaching courses will not be eligible for paid study leave.

Non-teaching professionals studying courses intended for instructors will not receive paid study leave.

No paid study leave will be granted for part-time courses or programs.

Breakdown Of Requirements For Study Leave With Pay

Who is eligible for paid study leave?

• An individual who has served for at least four years in a town, three years in a village, or two years in a typical village.

How many times is an individual eligible for paid study leave?

• After earning a degree, you will be promoted to the PS rank, and GES does not grant study leave to teachers above this level. So typically, I would say that you just have one chance.

Which courses are eligible for study leave with pay?

• Only courses linked to schooling. Even Nevertheless, some courses receive a larger allotment than others. GES will not finance your attendance at a course that will result in a qualification that can be used to seek work elsewhere. They merely want you to improve your abilities and knowledge through any of the education-related courses and return to the service as an asset.

• Master’s degrees are not ranked in GES. It just makes you desirable for higher-level posts in the military. You can become a headteacher of an elementary school, a headmaster of a senior high school, a tutor in a training college, and a circuit supervisor, among other desirable positions.

4. Comprehending The Study Promotional Ranks

• The entry-level rank for diploma is professional Senior Superintendent II, and you are eligible for promotion to SS I after four years of service. If you continue to serve for three years, you will be eligible for promotion to Principal Superintendent. However, if you enter the military straight with a degree, your initial rank is Chief Superintendent. If you entered the service with a Diploma and then pursued either a Two-Year Post-Diploma in Basic Education (Degree in Basic Education) or a Four-Year Degree (Second Cycle Education -Regular) by any route, you would bypass the rank of SS 1 and go directly to Principal Superintendent.

Courses / Subjects Approved By The GES For Study Leave

The GES study leave is available to both teaching and non-teaching personnel for ICT programs, but not for Supply and Logistics, Laboratory Technician, or Library and Information Studies programs.

Courses and subjects approved by the GES for study leave with compensation.

First, the English Language

2. Mathematics

3. Combined Science

Physical Instruction

5. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Language in French

7. Physics

8. Chemistry

9. Biology

Specialized Instruction

11. Direction and Counseling

12. Ghanaian Language (Ewe, Ga, Asante Twi etc)

13. Pre-Childhood

14. Visual Arts

15. History

16. Geography

17. Religious Studies

18. Social Studies

19. Technical Applications

20. Procurement and Logistics

21. Laboratory Assistant

Library and Information Science

GES Authorized Limit For Study Leave

GES Approved Subjects – Courses For Study Leave With Pay

1 Physics 60%
2 Chemistry
3 English Language
4 Biology
5 Mathematics
6 Information & Comm. Tech.
7 Integrated Science
8 Physical Education
9 French
10 Special Education 30%
11 Ghanaian Language
12 Early Childhood
13 Religious Studies
14 Visual Arts (GKA, Creative Art, sculpture)
15 Guidance & Counseling
16 Vocational Education (Clothing & Textiles, Hospitality management, catering, Fashion &Design, Management in Living)
17 Technical Courses (Tech Drawing, Electronics, Applied Electricity, Refrigeration, Welding, Metal work, Building Construction, Auto Mechanic, Auto Works, Draugthmanship, Graphic Designer)
18 Laboratory technician 10%
19 Library/Information studies

60% Quota For The Following subjects:

  1. English Language
  2. Physics, Chemistry
  3. Biology, Mathematics
  4. Integrated Science
  5. Physical Education
  6. ICT – Information Communication Technology
  7. French Language

30% Quota For The Following subjects:

  1. Special Education
  2. Guidance and Counselling
  3. Ghanaian Language (Ewe, Ga, Asante Twi, etc, Early Childhood, Visual Arts, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Social Studies
  4. Technical Programmes.

10% Quota For The Following subjects:

  1. Supply and Logistics, Laboratory Technician and Library. Information Studies.


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