GES Study Leave With PAY Qualifications for 2022/2023 Out [Check here]


The Ghana Education Service (GES) has released the Study Leave with Pay Qualifications for 2022/2023 for employees who plan to enhance their education.
Members of the GES who wish to take advantage of the Study Leave with Pay must complete the conditions for the 2022/2023 fiscal year.
1. To be eligible for study leave, the applicant must have served for at least three years after graduating from college of education or a minimum of two years in an impoverished district or school, as defined by the GES standard and definition.

2. The applicant for the 2022/2023 paid study vacation must be interested in studying an approved course or program as assessed by the Director of Education.

3. Service personnel seeking second and third degrees are not eligible for study leave.

4. Service teachers who have earned the position of Principal Superintendent through the Sandwich or Distance programs are not eligible for Study Leave with Pay.

5. Once again, GES personnel 55 and older are not eligible for study leave with a pay window for additional study, even if they match the standards specified above.

However, teachers who choose unpaid study leave are likely to face the following disadvantages.

They will lose their monthly salary as well as their SSNIT contributions.

b. They will be denied outright posting by the GES once their studies are completed.

c. The staff may face re-entry difficulties, particularly if a staff number is required.

d. The instructor will not be promoted while still in school.

f. His or her years of study in school will not be considered toward the year of service.

Teachers who wish to take unpaid study leave can obtain the form from the register. Fill out and submit to the proper office.

Completed application forms must be submitted to the Municipal Director of Education’s office by June 17th, 2022.

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