Ghana Statistical Service Recruitment Portal 2022 Opened


About Ghana Statistical Service Recruitment

The Ghana Statistical Service is the government agency responsible for providing quality, relevant, accurate, and timely statistical information for the purpose of national development. The Ghana Statistical Service has offices in all the sixteen (16) regions of Ghana.

Ghana Statistical Service Recruitment Portal

The Ghana Statistical Service invites applications from qualified applicants who are goal oriented and results driven to apply for the under listed positions within the service.

  1. Data Processing Officer
  2. Information Technology Officer
  3. Geographic Information System Officer
  4. Human Resource Management Officer
  5. Data Scientist
  6. Macroeconomist
  7. Technical Demographer
  8. Accountant

Recruitment Of Data Processing Officer

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop data capture applications
  • Write syntax and develop programs for data monitoring, processing, and analysis.
  • Conduct real-time and batch data processing for the different stages of the data life cycle.
  • Organize, document, and catalog all data for processing and archiving, and dissemination.

Recruitment Of Information Technology Officer

Job Responsibilities

  • Design and create prototypes according to specifications
  • Write source code to program applications
  • Perform unit and integration testing of application
  • Troubleshoot and debug applications.
  • Conduct functional and non-functional testing of applications.

Recruitment Of Data Scientist

Job Responsibilities

  • Transform diverse data formats including spatial, administrative, big data, and pictorial into analyzable forms using contemporary data mining and artificial intelligence techniques.
  • Develop algorithms and employ machine learning techniques to analyze complex, large, and multiple datasets.
  • Compile and provide adjustment factors to address biases across different sources and modes of data collection.
  • Forecast outcomes of a wide range of socio-demographic, behavioral, and economic variables.
  • Adapt off-the-shelf tools for monitoring and evaluating a wide range of data within Ghana Statistical Services across the National Statistical System, and national and sub-national policy-making units.

Recruitment Of Geographic Information System Officer

Job Responsibilities

  • Prepare and maintain customized GIS databases.
  • Create static and dynamic maps for surveys and censuses.
  • Manipulate and present geographical information by developing programs to convert GIS information to other formats.
  • Recreate geographical spaces using GIS techniques and remote sensing imagery.
  • Integrate different geo-spatial data resources.
  • Analyze and integrate GIS data with other data sources to assess relationships across a wide range of socio-demographic, behavioral, spatial, environmental, and economic variables.

Recruitment Of Human Resource Management Officer

Job Responsibilities

  1. Coordinate all efforts related to on boarding and off boarding of full time, part time and contract staff
  2. Evaluate and manage staff performance and professional development
  3. Facilitate promotion, posting, secondment, and transfer of staff.
  4. Facilitate the management of labor issues in accordance with existing labor laws, regulations, and practices to ensure industrial harmony.
  5. Coordinate training programs and schedules.

Recruitment Of Macroeconomist

Job Responsibilities

  • Build and maintain both static and interactive databases of all macroeconomic indicators either generated by GSS or any other agency
  • Review, document, and update theoretical and conceptual relationships among key macroeconomic indicators
  • Generate and disseminate trends and patterns among key macroeconomic indicators
  • Compile all public policies and synthesize macro-economic public policies
  • Write periodic reports, articles, and policy hints to advise government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies on historical and other country experiences on the relationships between key macroeconomic indicators.

Recruitment Of Technical Demographer

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop analytical frameworks using statistical methods and
  • Design and collect a wide range of demographic, socioeconomic, behavioral, spatial, and environmental variables.
  • Prepare and link large-scale datasets (e. survey data with census data; administrative data with surveys and censuses information).
  • Analyze and interpret demographic variables.
  • Write manuscripts, journal articles, and policy briefs.

Recruitment Of Accountant

Job Responsibilities

  • Prepare work plans, budgets, and forecasts.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements.
  • Maintain a Fixed Assets Register.
  • Provide accounting support to all assigned projects.
  • Liaise with internal and external auditors and resolve all audit queries.
  • Process all transactions on the GIFMIS platform.

How To Apply For Ghana Statistical Service Recruitment

  • To apply for the Ghana Statistical Service Recruitment, visit the official website of GSS and apply

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