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Ghana’s Controller and Accountant General’s Departments have introduced an EPayslip system to provide simple access to payslips for all Government of Ghana employees. As a result, as a GoG employee, you may now check your payslip from anywhere, on your mobile phone or any computer with an internet connection.

Login to EPayslip

If you’ve ever wondered, “How can I access my epayslip mypayslip login?” this is the place to be. You may access the EPaySlip interface by clicking on this link.


This page aims to orient you and answer any questions you may have regarding the EPayslip system and how to register to utilize it. So let’s start with the most often asked questions about the system:


Questions and Answers (FAQs)

1. What exactly is an EPayslip?

In layman’s terms, an E-Payslip is a monthly pay stub that employees of a company may see online.


2. How may EPayslips benefit Ghana?

E-Payslips have been implemented to provide easier, quicker, and more accurate access to pay information. The following are some of the benefits that government employees receive through the EPayslip system:


They are more secure than paper pay stubs. You can only access it through gogpayslip.com using your unique employee ID and password.

All that was necessary was a computer or a mobile phone with internet connection.

Employees can view prior accumulated payslips.

EPayslips assist the Controller and Auditor-Department General’s (C&AGD) in meeting its promise to make employee pay stubs easily accessible. The Controller and Auditor-Department General’s can also efficiently serve Government of Ghana (GoG) employees and address some of the logistical issues that have arisen in the distribution of printed payslips across the country.

3. Is the content of the EPayslip different from the content of my present paper payslip?

The E-Payslip contains the same information as the paper payslip.


4. How does the EPayslip appear?

The layout of the E-Payslip is identical to that of your existing paper payslip.


5. Will the EPayslip have an impact on my wages or pension?

No, the EPayslip is merely an alternate method of receiving pay notification. Your money will continue to be sent immediately into your bank account or other preferred mode of payment. It has no bearing on the amount you earn as salary or as a pension.


6. How long will my EPayslip be accessible?

You will always have access to your most current payslip, as well as all past EPayslips, online.


7. Do I need to download any additional software in order to access my EPayslip?

No. However, if you wish to store your payslip on your computer or pen drive, you will need a PDF document viewer to see it. Most PCs now come with a PDF reader pre-installed, and most browsers can show PDF files.


8. When will I be able to access my E-Payslip for the month?

E-Payslips are usually available as soon as the salary reports are processed and loaded. You will be notified in writing that your E-Payslip is ready for viewing through text on your registered mobile phone or email.


9. Is it possible for me to view my EPayslip from home?

Yes, by login onto gogpayslip.com, you may access your E-Payslip from any computer. It is suggested that, as with any private information, caution be used when using shared computers, computers in shared workplaces, or computers in public locations.


10. Is it possible to print my EPayslip?

Yes, E-Payslips may be printed in the same manner as any other document would be when using a PDF viewer. Simply click the print icon, which will show above your payslip, in the pdf reader. Your payslip will be printed on the printer that you have set as your default. It is suggested that, as with any private information, caution be given while utilizing shared printers or printers in shared workplaces or public spaces. For the time being, the print function will be disabled during the trial period.


11. Is it possible to check my EPayslip on a Mac, PC, or mobile phone?

Yes, E-Payslips may be accessed via Macs, PCs, or any internet-connected mobile phone.


12. How frequently may I access my EPayslips?

You may do so as frequently as you wish.


13. Can I still obtain paper pay stubs if necessary?

Yes, you will continue to receive paper payslips until further notice.


14. What happens if my PC breaks down? Will I still be compensated?

Yes. You will be paid even if you are unable to access your EPayslip due to technical issues.


15. Will my EPayslips be “backed up” in the event of a major technological failure?

Yes. All EPayslips will be regularly backed up.


16. How safe are EPayslips?

E-Payslips will be accessed through the highly secure website gogpayslip.com. However, as previously stated, it is advised to take caution while accessing or printing E-Payslips using shared computers and printers, or computers and printers in shared workplaces or public spaces. If the system has been inactive for more than 6 minutes, Gogpayslip.com will execute an automated log off.


You should take the following security precautions:


If you leave your workplace while your computer is still signed in to www.gogpayslip.com, log off or lock the machine.

Don’t give out your password to anyone.

If you believe your security has been compromised, change your password.

17. What should I do if I believe the information on my E-Payslips is incorrect?

If you have any questions about your E-Payslip, please write an email to feedback@gogpayslip.com.


18. Do I need to read my EPayslip in order to get paid?

No. Whether or not you have viewed your E-Payslip, you will still be paid. It is, nevertheless, advised that all employees review their pay stubs on a frequent basis to ensure that all payments and deductions are proper.



Login to Epayslip

How to Sign Up for EPayslip

As previously said, a typical question among employees is “how can I get epayslip mypayslip login?” The following is a step-by-step instruction and list of criteria for epayslip login.


You will require an internet connection. You must be connected to the internet in order to complete the registration.

You must receive your pin. Go to the management unit to obtain your secret pin or code for activating your E-Payslip.

Go to their website.

Visit gogpayslip.com in any browser and learn about the website.

Completing the Payslip Form

Locate and click on’register for E-Payslip.’ You must fill out the online payslip form precisely and in accordance with the instructions provided.

Sign out and then sign back in Once you’ve completed your simple signup, log out and sign back in. Because the registration was successful, you will not have to go through the lengthy steps while signing in. You must have your employee’s correct secret number, password, and the pin code displayed. Sign in to have access to your E-Payslip Ghana. You may quickly check the payslip from the convenience of your own home. This is due to the availability of E-Payslip mobile and PC.

Security for EPayslips

When you have finished accessing your E-Payslip, make sure you sign out/log out. This is due to the fact that it contains sensitive and private information about you. Most government departments use the same computers and are eager to use them.


Remember that your E-Payslip password is a secret, so do not disclose it. Changing your password is feasible, but you should not take the risk if you suspect that you may have been compromised.


EPayslip Effectiveness

The Gogpayslip is meant to provide you with security by automatically logging out after 6 minutes of inactivity. E-Payslip reactivation is required to demonstrate that you are a public employee, and the information included in the office is extremely sensitive.

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