HAPY RIDE Launches Operations in Ghana


HAPY RIDE, a new ride-hailing platform, has begun operations to assist in resolving Ghana’s long-standing transportation crisis.

The primary mission of HAPY RIDE is to make urban transportation affordable, safe, and sustainable.

In the Company’s quest to provide luxury services to its clients, HAPY RIDE has its own mapping and navigation system, which improves driver pick-up time and arrival at destinations thereby decreasing the net cost of rides dramatically.

Customers, stand the chance of enjoying their rides in clean, fresh, and comfortable cars, which are fully air-conditioned and driven by HAPY RIDE’s professional drivers.

Experts and stakeholders who have had the opportunity to use the HAPY RIDE service say, it is highly recommended for all to have a feel of the comfortable ride, which in itself is luxury at a relatively low cost.

HAPY RIDE’s main differentiating factor is that it believes in treating drivers better, with the belief that happier drivers equal happier riders and better rides.

The new ride-hailing platform is aimed to enhance healthy market competition by ensuring that drivers may take more money home while driving on our platform, while customers save money.

Available information indicates that it has already overtaken its competitors in Ghana as a result of the quality services it offers to customers at affordable prices.

These are some of the unique features of Hapy Ride are:

· Drivers cannot start rides unless passengers enter security codes before it can start.
· Drivers who sign up pay only 14% of sales to Hapy Ride.
· Drivers’ and passengers’ security is 90% assured.
· App is very simple and user friendly.
· Referrals come with physical cash.
· Rides are very affordable.

The Hapy ride is currently available on both Google Play Store and Apple Appstore with experts already tipping the new ride-hailing platform of giving stiff competition to its competitors in the country.

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