Hayes Hargrove Age, Bio, Facts About Kristen Wiig Ex-husband

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Hayes Hargrove is a well-known actor, comedian, author, and producer. He is best known as Kristen Wiig’s ex-husband.

Hayes Hargrove’s Childhood

Hayes Hargrove was born in New York, USA, on December 20, 1979. His full name is Jack Hayes Hargrove Jr., and he was born under the sign of Sagittarius.

Age of Hayes Hargrove

Hayes Hargrove was born in 1979 and will be 43 years old in 2022.

Hayes Hargrove is married to Katherine Van Till and previously married Kristen Caroll Wiig.

Hayes Hargrove’s Educational History

Hayes Hargrove went to a nearby middle and high school. In college, he majored in environmental science.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Development. Hayes Hargrove also spent time studying abroad. He studied at Berlin’s Humboldt University.

Wife and ex-wife of Hayes Hargrove

Hayes Hargrove is married to Katherine Van Till at the moment. Kristen Caroll Wiig was his formal wife.

Katherine is a voice-over artist and an actress. In 2011, she provided the voice of Snow White.

Dr. Janice Elden’s infamous series Castle featured her. Among her notable roles are Lego Batman: The Movie – D.C., Super Heroes Unite (2013), The Hunted (2013), A Patient Man (2019), and others.

Hayes Hargrove and Katherine Van Till have yet to have children.

Ex-wife of Hayes Hargrove, Kristen Caroll Wiig is well-known for her contributions to Saturday Night Live. She is a stand-up comic, actress, and producer.

She has appeared in several films, including Bridesmaids (2011), The Skeleton Twins (2012), and Ghostbusters (2016).

She also performed well in the 2013 film Girl Most Likely.

Kristen Wiig and Hayes Hargrove met in the early 2000s and began dating. They had great chemistry and married in 2005.

Unfortunately, their love gradually faded, and they divorced in 2009.

Kristen Wiig and her current husband Avi Rothman welcomed twins via surrogate earlier in June 2020, according to reports. Shiloh and Luna are their names.

Hayes Hargrove is a well-known actor, comedian, author, and producer.

Hayes Hargrove’s net worth

Hayes Hargrove’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million in 2022.

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