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Henny Vrienten was a well-known Dutch musician best remembered for being the lead vocalist and bassist for the well-liked ska-pop group Doe Maar in the 1980s. He has written music for both films and television. Doe Maar, Vreemde Kostgangers (since 2016), and The Magnificent 7 are his musical ensembles. He passed away on April 25, 2022.

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Henny Vrienten Age, Bio, and Wiki

Famous Dutch musician Henny Vrienten was born. Henny Vrienten was his entire name, as far as anyone knew. He was created on July 27, 1948. He was 74 years old in 2022. He was born in Hilvarenbeek, the Netherlands. His home was located in Tilburg. Leo was his astrological sign. He practises Christianity as his religion. He was of Dutch descent. Although he was highly qualified, his school and college information was not available.

Henny Vrienten Nationality and Ethnicity

There was no mention of Henny Vrienten’s race anywhere. Talk about his nationality now. He was of Dutch descent.

The Wife of Henny Vrienten

We now discuss Henny’s marital status. He had a wife. Charlotte Fischer was the name of his ex-wife. In 1984, he wed her. In 2000, he granted her a divorce due to some reason. after Gala Veldhoen, his wife. She served as a senator for the Netherlands. In 2001, he wed her. The connection between these two started in 2018.

Parents and siblings of Henny Vrienten

Discuss Henny’s parents now. On social media, his parents’ identities are not displayed. His family is dear to him. also leaves out the details about his sister.

Age, Height, and Weight of Henny Vrienten

In 1948, Henny was born. Age-wise, he was 74. His weight was not stated, although he was described as being 5 feet 8 inches tall.


Paul Santos (1977)
Geen ballade (1984)
Mijn hart slaapt nooit (1991)
Nacht – De soundtrack (2006)
Aardige jongens (2008)
En toch… (2014)
Alles was anders (2015)
Vreemde Kostgangers (2017)
Nachtwerk (2017)

Money earned by Henny Vrienten

We will now talk about Henny’s wealth. He has a higher net worth; it was $1.5 million as of last year.

Henny the Betrayal! www.t.co/WlcEeCOh7l#friends #doemaar

— FAN September 22, 2021 Henny Vrienten (@HennyVrienten)

Q&A Regarding Henny Vrienten

What was Henny Vrienten’s name?

Henny Vrienten, a well-known musician from the Netherlands,

Q.2 How old was Henny Vrienten?

Henny Vrienten was 74 years of age.

What countries does Henny Vrienten represent?

Henny Vrienten was of Dutch descent.

Q.4 What race did Henny Vrienten belong to?

The racial background of Henny Vrienten was not stated.

Q.5 How much money did Henny Vrienten have?

Henny Vrienten had an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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