How Do I Get My Access Bank Token Code For Free

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Perhaps you’re wondering How to Get a Free Access Bank Token Code. This article provides a guide to obtaining both soft and hard tokens for Access Bank.

Bank transactions are authorized using tokens. If you are a business owner that does millions of transactions every day. Then you’ll want tokens to facilitate such massive transactions. Tokens are used as a security mechanism to ensure that the transactions are being carried out by you.

It might be a hard token or a soft token. Soft tokens are created using your phone, whereas hard tokens are generated via a device.

Soft tokens can be generated using access Bank’s ussd codes or the mobile banking app. Bear in mind that tokens, like OTP, are one-time use only.



How To Create An Access Bank Token Using Your Phone

To obtain an Access Bank Soft Token, please follow the instructions below:

Navigate to the App Store.
Navigate to the ‘Search’ tab.
Enter ‘Entrust OTP Download’ in the search bar and install it on your phone.

To obtain an access Bank hard or soft card, please visit your local access Bank branch and speak with a customer service representative. Make a request for a bank token. For you to obtain a Bank hard token at a cost of 1,500

Please visit your nearest branch to request a soft (N1500) or hard (N2700) token.



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