How Do I Login To My UBA Prepaid Card Account In Nigeria

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Are you in Nigeria having trouble logging into your UBA prepaid card? It would be beneficial if you relaxed a little bit; in this article, I’ll describe how signing into your account can be simple.
The method I’ll outline in this article is straightforward and will take you the least amount of time.


The steps listed below must be followed in order to log into your UBA prepaid card:

1. Click the following official link to access the UBA prepaid card login page:

2. Enter your username and password to log in. When logging in successfully, the login screen appears.

3. Check out these troubleshooting options if you’re still having trouble accessing the UBA prepaid card login., number 4.

You may also be interested in learning how to check your UBA prepaid card. This is simple.

When you log in, go to your account, check your statement, and select the needed statement’s date, you can access your account statement via your mobile app or internet banking.

Your UBA bank statement is also available online.

The simplest and easist steps to take when logging into your UBA prepaid card are those mentioned above.

How can I access my online UBA Bank Prepaid Card Statement?

Internet banking is an additional way to check your statement online.

1. Simply download the UBA mobile app from the iOS or Google Play stores.

2. Open an account, then sign in.

3. Select a statement from your account by going there.

You can easily learn about your statement online in this manner. The code used to obtain the UBA statement online must be seen.

The USSD code to dial to check your account balance is *919#. This is the correct code to use on your phone to check the balance.


1. Set up a direct deposit of a paycheck or other regular payments into the card.

2. Transfer funds from another prepaid card or a checking account.

3. Purchase a reload pack to load your card with a specific amount.

It is functional for online statements once mobile banking is activated. The instructions are very straightforward. Visit the mobile banking section and select the registration option.

Enter your mobile number, select yes when it appears over the ATM screen once more, then select confirm and take the transaction slip verifying the registration.

You’ll get a notification when your account is activated.

ARE Prepaid Cards issued by UBA Banks?

Yes, prepaid cards are among the many card types that UBA bank Nigeria offers.

You can apply for a UBA prepaid card at any time, and it is available to all UBA account holders.

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