How Do You Know If You Won The Rocket Mortgage Square?

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If you like American football, there’s no better way to celebrate the big game with your friends than to get in on the action on Super Bowl Sunday. And what better way is there to join in on the fun than with Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares?

Rocket Mortgage has made squares for the big game so you can bet on your favourite team and really care about how it does. This page has everything you need to know about this fun new way to play square pools.


How do you know if you’ve won the Rocket Mortgage Square?

The Rocket mortgage square website says that a 2-minute countdown will start just before the game starts. If there is a lot to talk about at halftime, the game may start later than planned. Don’t want to miss out? Make sure to get there before halftime, and when the break comes, start looking for your square.

What’s Rocket Mortgage Squares?

Millions of Americans, both die-hard football fans and casual viewers, have been paying more attention than usual to The Big Game over the past two years, hoping to win big every time a team on the field scores. Since the first contest in 2020, Rocket Mortgage has given $3.3 million in prizes to 29 fans from all over the country.

This is, in fact, an ad for Quicken Loans. It’s all about selling a product, just like most commercials during championship games of professional sports. Rocket mortgage squares are a new way to buy a home.

Rocket Mortgage and the National Football League have been working together for a long time (NFL). Entries must be sent in by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, February 11, 2021. No money needs to be spent.


Your chances of winning won’t change or get better if you buy something. For this contest, you have to be a legal resident of one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia, at least 18 years old, and at least the age of majority where you live.

How do I play the game Rocket Mortgage Squares?

It’s quite easy: Fill in a 10-square grid with how many points you think you’ll get in the game. (Use the corner squares to guess a tie.) Make sure to finish all 10 of your squares by Sunday. Fill in rows 7 and 5 if, for example, you think Team A will win by three points over Team B and Team C will win by four points over Team D.

The numbers 1 through 10 show how many points a team will win above or below 0 during their match. (For example, if we say New England will beat Jacksonville by a score of +5, that means New England should win by a score of +5)

When you’re done with your squares, find a friend and get something to eat. When more than one team in your row (or column) wins by the same number of points, you have a tie. In that case, the person who made the prediction first wins. The last person chosen will have to do the dishes or get something else fun to do.


People can also increase their chances of winning by posting about the sweepstakes registration on their social media accounts. Each follower or friend who signs up through the participant’s special link gives them one more square, up to a maximum of ten more squares.

This year, a brand-new feature gives participants the chance to win a $100 gift card by entering a weekly drawing. Every Friday during the sweepstakes, 100 winners will be chosen at random to receive prizes that add up to $10,000 each week. With an extra $50,000 in prizes, this year’s game is bigger and better than ever.


What can you win with Rocket Mortgage Square?

In addition to the million-dollar grand prize, there are many other prizes. So, how much does it cost to play? People buy one square for $2 for each quarter, and then they ask their friends and family to buy more squares.

How come there are more squares? There are more chances to win if more people take part. For example, if 15 of your friends buy squares and one of them wins that quarter, the $250,000 prize will be split between them. Why not get 25 to 30 people in your network to help you make this much money?


How do you choose the best squares in a football pool?

People who play football pools have always liked the 50/50 square because it is a safe bet. For example, if your friends pick their top 10 favourite teams and half of them win that week’s game, the pool as a whole wins as long as at least one person picked the right team.

Even if the odds are very much in your favour, you will always lose if you play enough times. This square might be helpful for people who are new to football or don’t know much about it.


People can find out which teams they like and which ones they don’t like before getting too involved in betting pools. Also, remember that the amount of money you bet is the most important thing.

Advice for your photos


If you want to win, make sure your picks are between teams from the same division (e.g., Patriots-Steelers or Seahawks-Cowboys). On game day, each contest is scored based on how it goes. In a regular-season game, if a player completes two touchdown passes, every square on the board that represents that player’s team will score two points.

Both the defence and the special teams have to follow the same rule. When they force a turnover or score a touchdown, everyone who has them in their squares gets two points. Also, if any of these games go into overtime, you can get bonus points: one point for each quarter that is played out.

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