How Does Absa Cellphone Banking Work In South Africa 2022

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The majority of South Africans are familiar with Absa cellphone banking. If you’re one of the few who doesn’t know, read this guide.

To help you better understand mobile banking, we’ll go over the requirements for using the service.

What You’ll Require

The following are the most crucial items:



A tablet or smartphone to make banking more convenient.

You must be connected to a working internet connection.

You must have an active account.

Name and phone number of the recipient.

To utilize Absa cellular banking in South Africa, you must meet these fundamental conditions.

We’ll show you how Absa smartphone banking works now that you know the requirements.

What Is Absa Mobile Banking?

You can make money transfers within and outside of South Africa by dialing the Absa USSD code from any phone.

In South Africa, the Absa USSD code is *120*2272#.

To access the menu, dial the Absa cellphone banking code *120*2272# and enter your 5-digit PIN.

Absa cellular banking does not require airtime.

You can make payments, buy prepaid electricity, manage your accounts, and redeem your rewards using Absa cellular banking.

If you wish to send money, for example, you can select the send money option and enter the recipient’s information.

After that, choose the amount you want to send and press the send button.

You should give your recipient the -digit code so that they can withdraw money from any Absa ATM.

In South Africa, Absa cellular banking operates like this.

We’ll show you how to register for the service once you have a better idea of how it operates.

In South Africa, how do you sign up for Absa Mobile Banking?

To register, follow the steps below:

You must first add the number *120*2272# to your contact list in order to register.

To register, dial the number and pick 1 from the menu.

To accept the terms and conditions, pick 1 next.

Then, input your South African ID or passport number and press the transmit button.

Then, press Send after entering your 5-digit PIN.

You will receive a confirmation message (SMS) shortly.

This is the method for signing up for the service.

How to Change Your PIN for Mobile Banking

We’ll now show you how to reset your PIN if you forget it or it becomes compromised.

To resend your Absa cellular banking PIN, follow the instructions below:

To begin, dial *120*2272# and enter your last five-digit PIN.

After that, choose option one, Reset PIN.

Then, enter your ID/Passport number and click Send.

Then, tap transmit after entering your new 5-digit PIN.

You will be notified (through SMS) that your PIN has been reset.

In South Africa, this is how you reset your cellular banking PIN.

In South Africa, Absa cellular banking operates like this.



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