How Does The FNB QR Code Work | FNB South Africa QR Code 2022 Guide

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If you’re one of the many South Africans who’ve been wondering how the FNB QR code works, this guide is for you.
While you may not have heard of the FNB QR Code, chances are you have heard of or attempted to scan one.

If you have the same method, the FNB QR Code will work as well; however, you must have installed the FNB banking app or possess a FNB ATM card.

In this quick guide, I’ll explain how the FNB QR code works if this is your first time hearing about this new payment method available through the FNB banking app or with your FNB card.

The FNB QR code enables secure payment without the need to carry currency.



What exactly is a FNB QR Code?

There are no gimmicks to decipher when it comes to the FNB QR code. Examine the top of your ATM card; you’ll see an odd graph of black squares and dots on the left-hand side.

That is, in essence, the appearance of a QR code.

The purpose of a QR code is to create an image that can be scanned and translated by any modern smartphone into something more meaningful (with a QR code reader application).

QR codes are frequently used to provide information about websites and links, but they can also be used to direct smartphone users to a variety of other media (e.g. videos, images, etc.).

How Does the FNB QR Code Operate?

By and large, a QR-code functions similarly to a supermarket barcode. It is an image that can be rapidly scanned by a machine using a Smartphone camera.

Each QR code contains a range of dark areas and dots that represent various pieces of information.

When your smartphone scans this code, it is converted into something that humans can easily understand.

While this is the technical explanation for how a QR code works, a QR code that can be scanned by hundreds of millions of people worldwide on a regular basis using smartphones is far more important.

As a result, it benefits marketers tremendously.

Making Payments With A QR Code [Updated in 2022]

If you’ve ever scanned a QR code with your smartphone, you’re definitely aware of how quickly it can be scanned.

This makes QR codes an extremely convenient way to rapidly access stored information, making them the ideal answer for conversion-driven marketers.

To utilize the FNB QR code, you must have a FNB ATM or the FNB banking App installed.

You can request to pay using your scan while making payments.

After scanning, all that is required is the entry of the amount and PIN. The transaction will be completed in a matter of seconds.



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