How Much Is Netflix in Canada?

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Netflix is one of the most widely available streaming services today. Due to its history, it has established the majority of the criteria for a solid streaming service. Almost everyone in the United States now has a Netflix membership.
However, Netflix is not as popular in Canada. While Netflix is a force to be reckoned with, subscribers are still few and far between. However, as the number of excellent Netflix originals continues to grow, more Canadians are attempting to access Netflix.
This article will detail the cost of a Netflix subscription in Canada. Due to the variety of plans, you’ll understand how much each plan costs and the distinctions between them.


What Exactly Is Netflix?

It’s nearly superfluous to begin this section with defining Netflix, as practically everyone is familiar with the streaming service. If you’ve been living in a cave for the last couple of years, here’s a quick overview of Netflix to help you understand what you’re paying for.



Netflix is a subscription-based internet streaming service that allows you to view movies and television programmes. Due to the fact that it is a subscription-based streaming service, you will not encounter the endless advertisements that you see on the internet or on IPTVs.

If you have a Netflix membership, it is possible to share it with others, but there are some key restrictions. To begin, there is a restriction to the number of users who may stream from an account simultaneously, which varies according to your plan.

The original account holder, on the other hand, may download movies and television shows on their device for viewing when an internet connection is available. However, downloading movies is only available on platforms equipped with a native Netflix program, such as Android, Windows, or iOS.

Netflix is regarded to have one of the most sophisticated recommendation systems among streaming providers. Once you launch the Netflix app on your smartphone, you’re virtually guaranteed to discover something interesting to watch.

While Netflix offers three different subscription levels, none of them are completely free. Fortunately, all of the plans are rather reasonable, and which one you choose is mostly determined by your intended usage of the service.

The next section will provide an overview of all accessible Netflix plans and their associated prices. Additionally, you’ll receive advice on why one is preferable to the other.


What Are the Netflix Subscription Plans?

It’s nearly difficult to discuss the cost of a Netflix membership without mentioning the platform’s many plans. There are now three Netflix plans available in Canada, each with a distinct price and feature set.

You should never automatically assume that the most costly option is the best. While a greater price often indicates a higher-quality product, certain goods may be excessively high-quality for your purposes. Here are the three main Netflix plans, their associated features, and their respective prices in Canada.

1. The Fundamental Plan

The Basic Option is the cheapest Netflix plan available to Canadians. It costs $9.99 a month, which isn’t excessive given the enormous volume of movies and television series available with a subscription.

The basic package allows you to view movies on your phone, laptop, or television, but only one screen at a time. If you’re purchasing the basic subscription, you may want to be rather stingy with your Netflix password sharing.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy watching movies in crystal clear clarity, the basic Netflix package is not for you. With this subscription, you can only watch standard-quality movies; if you want anything better, you’ll need to upgrade.

The basic package is sufficient as an introduction to Netflix. While this is not the optimal solution if you’re considering moving to Netflix as your major source of movies and television series, it is an intriguing alternative.

2. Typical Plan

Netflix’s Standard Plan offers the ideal blend of pricing and features. With just a $5 price premium above the standard plan, you may purchase a Netflix package that is far better than the basic plan.

The primary benefit of the standard plan above the basic plan may be the ability to stream on two devices concurrently or the ability to watch practically all movies in HD quality. If you have a reasonably fast internet connection, the additional $5 is nearly always worthwhile.

Additionally, the regular subscription allows you to share your password with a buddy or two. As long as you’re vigilant about who you share your password with, you should be able to get into your account whenever you need to view something.

3. Premium Package

The premium plan is the most expensive Netflix plan available. If you’re the ultimate password sharer, you might consider upgrading to the premium plan to avoid having your account get overcrowded. With the premium plan costing only $18.99, there is no reason not to consider purchasing.

With the premium plan, up to four separate screens can stream concurrently from the same account. Additionally, you may download for offline watching on four separate devices, making the possibilities virtually unlimited.

As if that wasn’t enough, the premium package includes HD or extreme HD streaming. Netflix’s Ultra HD video quality is 4k at 2160p, which is among the greatest available on any streaming service today.



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