How Old is Anna Shumate?

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Anna Shumate is a well-known American social media star. Her annabananaxdddd TikTok channel has helped her gain a lot of attention.

Anna Shumate’s close-by lip syncs to well-known songs have helped her be more consistent in what she does.

The online entertainment star whose annabananaxdddd TikTok channel has made her a big name. Her lip-syncs to popular songs right next to dances have helped her keep getting better.

Anna Shumate started making videos for TikTok in August of 2019. Since then, at that point, Anna had more than 12 million TikTok fans in total.

Grosse Ile High School in Grosse Ile Township, Michigan, where Anna Shumate went to school, also had a soccer team. Before the group broke up in November 2020, she was very important to Top Talent House. In 2020, she became a member of Not a Happy House. Later, she became an important part of Just A House.

How old is Anna Shumate?

Anna Shumate was born in the U.S. state of Michigan on November 6, 2002. She is Mr. and Mrs. Shumate’s daughter. Tommy and Brandon are the names of Anna’s two brothers.

Anna Shumate is a young but popular lady. In 2022, she will be 20 years old.

Did Anna Shumate go to college?

Anna Shumate went to Grosse Pointe North High School and then Michigan State University for her education. She still needs to finish her course.

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