How Old is the Kentucky born Model?

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Many people know Kindly Myers as an American model and an influential person. She was raised by their mother in a town called Kentucky/Tennessee, which is on the border between the two states. It was there that they grew up.

Age of Kindly Myers


Kindly Myers was born on September 20, 1985, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in the United States. By 2022, she will be 64 years old.

The early years of Kindly Myers

Myers’s father died when she was only two years old, leaving her mother in a tough spot. Her mother took care of her and her siblings all by herself.

Everyone knows that losing a family head hurts, and Kindly Myers and her siblings felt the same way when they were growing up.


Kindly Myers knew that getting an education up to a certain level could make a big difference for her family. She got into Winter Havin High School, where she did well enough to graduate. She became an Automated Logistics specialist in the US Army National Guard.


During the four years she was in the Guard, she signed up for training that helped her learn a lot about modeling.

After she got out of the military, Myers moved to Nashville, Tennessee, so she could focus on her modeling career. She was a barterer at Nashville Historical Organization in Broadway. She later worked as a sales rep for Fitch and Abercrombie. She worked in customer service at Walmart as well.

Kindly, Myers

She was on the cover of several of the best fashion magazines. After her modeling career ended in Nashville, she started writing for magazines like FHM, Playboy, Joker magazine, Maxim, Coed, and others.

Kindly Myers did something brave when she worked with famous Vine stars like Jeffrey Cyrus and Charlie Classic, and the fact that she worked with them has had a big effect on how popular she is now.

She is now a model for The Heavyweight Factory. She is also known for being the voice of the International Bikini Models. Even though she has the charm for sports, she never got the chance to work in the field. He

Many people think of Kindly Myers as someone who is very talented, works hard, and is dedicated to their work. At one point, she was hired by big companies. She stays out of the spotlight, but she often shows off her perfect body to make her fans happy.

Relationship Between Kindly Myers

Kindly Myers has been in a lot of relationships that didn’t work out, but she’s happy now that she’s with Harrison Yorts.

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