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Following your registration for Eazzy banking, you must activate your account. I’m going to walk you through the process of activating your Eazzy banking account in this short guide.

Eazzy banking is one of Equity Bank Kenya’s offerings that enables customers to access their bank accounts online.

With an Eazzy banking account, you may send money, check your account balance, and view your bank statement from the convenience of your home.




There are two (2) primary methods for activating your Eazzy banking account and initiating transactions:


How to activate and enable Eazzy Banking on your Equitel, Eazzy247, or Hapo Hapo line


If you have an Eazzy 247 account, a Hapo Hapo account, or an Equitel line, you can utilize this option to activate your Eazzy Banking account.


Additionally, you can access these services if you have the Eazzy banking mobile app.


The steps below will guide you through the process of activating your Eazzy Banking account:


  1. On your phone, launch the Equity Bank Kenya Eazzy banking app.


  1. Decided on the language.


  1. Select one of the following: Equitel, Eazzy247, or HAPO HAPO.


  1. Enter your contact information.


  1. Type in your M-banking pin.


  1. Click the “Continue” button.


  1. Your phone will receive a text message.


  1. The app will scan the message and validate the sent codes.


Your Eazzy banking account will now be activated and ready to use.


Using Your ATM Card to Activate The Eazzy Banking App


Another option is to use your ATM card to activate your Eazzy Banking account.


The ATM card must be current. The following are the steps to activate your Equity Eazzy account using your ATN card:


  • Open the Eazzy Banking application.



  • Select the second option on the page, Activate with an equity bank.


  • Enter your debit card number, which is typically sixteen digits in length. The number appears in four-digit groups in the center of your card.


  • Select the “Continue” button.


  • You will then be prompted to enter your account number.


  • Your account number is located on the bottom left of your ATM card. It is between 12 and 15 digits long.



  • When registering an account, enter your ID and the cellphone number linked with the account.


  • Click on the “Next” button.


  • In the following part, you must input your ATM card’s PIN.


  • Finally, click the Accept terms and conditions button.


Now you must wait for the bank to verify that the information you entered is correct.


After confirmation, you’ll receive an SMS confirming that your Eazzy banking has been activated.


You may now access your Eazzy banking account and conduct transactions.



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