How To Activate FirstBank Mobile Banking In Nigeria

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After downloading the FirstBank mobile app, are you stuck in the middle and wondering why you can’t finish your registration?
Then this article will show you how to get your FirstBank mobile banking up and running.
If you want to use FirstBank Nigeria’s mobile banking services, you should read this guide all the way to the end. This will help you understand everything you need to know.

Many bank customers now do their banking through their phones.

Mobile banking services come with a lot of features that let customers do transactions from anywhere with a GSM network internet connection.

Having to wait in long lines at the bank is getting to be an old-fashioned way to do business.

This is because mobile banking has saved these customers a lot of stress at the bank by letting them do small transactions that don’t need help from the teller at the nearest branch.

Even if you get stuck in the middle of signing up for FirstBank mobile banking, it’s not over.

You can still do more to finish your registration. If you’re ready to learn more about how to activate your FirstBank mobile banking, let’s move on.


Mobile banking from FirstBank is a flexible and easy way to do banking online. The bank has given its customers a number of mobile banking options that can help them get the freedom they’ve been looking for with their money.

FirstBank Nigeria has the following kinds of mobile banking:

1. Using the FirstBank USSD code to bank

2. FirstBank mobile app banking

3. FirstBank lets you bank through WhatsApp


Follow the steps below to sign up for FirstBank’s mobile banking service:

Sign up for the FirstBank mobile app

1. Pull out your phone and go to the Smart app store.

2. Type “FirstMonie” into the search box and click “Send.”

3. The app will open with a blue and gold background and an elephant.

4. Click “Install.”

5. Once the app has been installed on your phone, open it.

6. Click on “Register as a new customer.”

7. Type in your debit card number and PIN, then click “Submit.”

8. An OTP code will be sent to your FirstBank account-linked phone number.

9. Type the OTP code in the box that’s there.

10. Make a 5-digit code called a “mPIN” that will be used for all of your transactions.

11. Pick and answer two security questions that will help you get back into your account if you have trouble getting in.

12. Make a 4-digit PIN for your account. This PIN will authenticate and confirm transactions.


Follow the steps below to set up mobile banking with FirstBank:

1. Dial *894*0# on your cell phone, then press the send button.

2. A list of all the debit cards that are linked to your account will be shown. Choose any card you want.

3. On the new screen, enter the four-digit PIN for the debit card you chose.

4. Give your mobile banking account a 5-digit PIN to finish the FirstBank mobile banking activation process.

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