How To Activate PayPal MasterCard Credit Card

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PayPal is by far the most popular payment provider on the planet. With almost $1 trillion in payments and cash transfers processed last year, this payment provider is nowhere near the level of the majority of banks.
Given that PayPal processes more payments than the majority of banks, it makes logical for it to issue its own credit cards.

Fortunately, a PayPal MasterCard credit card is available. The majority of PayPal credit cards may be used in the same way as ordinary credit cards, but they must be activated first.

If you recently received a new PayPal MasterCard Credit Card, this page will explain how to activate it.




What Is a MasterCard Credit Card from PayPal?

For the avoidance of doubt, PayPal does not issue a single MasterCard credit card. If you’re looking for a MasterCard credit card, you have two options: the PayPal Cashback MasterCard or the PayPal Extras MasterCard.

Both of these cards are excellent in their own ways and provide holders with distinct privileges. The following are some of the advantages of owning one of the PayPal MasterCard credit cards.

1. MasterCard with PayPal Cashback

The PayPal Cashback MasterCard operates similarly to a standard credit card. On the surface, it may not appear to be a particularly fantastic deal, but upon closer examination, you’ll discover that the benefits well exceed the drawbacks.

Most credit cards have an annual percentage rate of between 12 and 24 percent, while the Cashback MasterCard’s APR may reach 27 percent, with a minimum of 20%.

This fee is offset by the 2% no-questions-asked cash back on all transactions. It goes without saying that this is how the card earned its name.

Apart from the annual percentage rate, there are no other fees associated with owning a Cashback MasterCard. Additionally, there are no additional costs associated with trading outside the United States.

However, you will not receive any sign-up benefits, like other cards do.


2. PayPal Added Value MasterCard

The PayPal Extras MasterCard’s perks are not cashback-based. Rather than that, each time you use the card, you receive reward points.

After amassing these reward points, you may redeem them via the rewards and offers part of the Synchrony Bank service website.

After redeeming your points, you can cash them out. Alternatively, you may use it toward travel, rentals, or gift cards.

PayPal Pay with Points enables you to use your rewards to pay for genuine products and services. Additionally, PayPal states that you may utilize their service at millions of merchants, enhancing the value of your rewards.

If you’re feeling charitable, you can give your prizes to a charitable organization. PayPal will immediately convert your rewards to their monetary equivalent and give them on your behalf to a charitable organization; trust them.

A PayPal reward point is approximately 0.83 cents in value. This is not to be confused with $0.83, which requires around 70 reward points.

As expected, reward points are plentiful. You receive three points for every dollar spent at a restaurant or petrol station, two points for every PayPal or eBay transaction, and one point for all other transactions.

That concludes the introduction to both PayPal credit cards. If you desire features from both cards, you are not required to select. You may use both cards concurrently without creating additional PayPal accounts.

However, each PayPal card must be activated before it may be used.

How to Activate a MasterCard Credit Card through PayPal

When you apply for one of the PayPal credit cards, you must activate it prior to using it. Cards that have been deactivated will stay deactivated and will be unable to be used for payments.

If you have a valid and confirmed PayPal account, you can apply for a PayPal MasterCard credit card.

If you don’t already have one, you may apply for a PayPal Extras MasterCard or a PayPal Cashback MasterCard here.

Without a PayPal account, you will be required to establish one when you click on those links. Simply said, do not anticipate receiving your card very soon, if ever, depending on your location.

Once you’ve obtained your card, it’s time to activate and test it. The following steps outline the process for activating any of the PayPal MasterCard credit cards.

• Await the arrival of your card. A card cannot be activated prior to its arrival. Once you’ve obtained your card, navigate to the PayPal card activation page by clicking here.

• If your browser is not currently signed into PayPal, you will be prompted to log in. To sign in to your PayPal account, enter your PayPal login credentials.

• Once logged in, PayPal will prompt you to input the final four digits of your credit card’s expiration date in order to activate your account.

This information is printed on the card. To proceed, enter it accurately and click on Activate Card.

• You now have the option of creating a PIN for your card. If you wish to withdraw cash from an ATM, you will usually be required to enter a PIN.

However, selecting a PIN is not required when using a credit card. If you ever need to update your PIN, you may always contact PayPal by dialing the number on the back of your card.

And congratulations, your PayPal MasterCard credit card is now activated and ready to use.



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