How To Apply For An FNB South Africa eBucks Card

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Are you looking for information on how to apply for a FNB eBucks card?

You have arrived at the correct place.

The eBucks card is necessary since it can be used to make purchases or pay bills.

The card functions similarly to a credit or debit card.



How To apply A FNB eBucks Card

1. Online at the FNB website.

2. Make an appointment at any FNB Bank branch.

How To Apply Online For A FNB eBucks Card

The first method is to apply an application for the card on the FNB website.

The following are the processes to apply for a FNB eBucks Card online:

  1. Begin by visiting the eBucks website.
  2. At the top of the screen, click the eBucks Shop tab.
  3. From the left-hand menu, select the eBucks Card category.
  4. Go to your buying cart and add the eBucks Consumer card.
  5. Use your eBucks for FNB bank account to pay the delivery cost (eB400 or R40).

To Apply For An eBucks Card, Visit Your Local FNB Branch

Additionally, you can apply for the FNB eBucks card by visiting your local FNB branch.

You will be escorted through the application process at the bank.

If the application process is successful, you may exit the bank with your card.

If not, customer service will advise you whether you can obtain the card prior to leaving the bank’s premises.

How To Obtain The Card Following Application

After applying for the card, you can specify the method of delivery.

There are a few choices accessible through mail, courier, or in person.

If you prefer to have it delivered via postal service, it is free.

The card should be delivered within three weeks of application.

If you do not receive the card after three weeks, please contact FNB eBucks at 087 320 3200.




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