How To Buy Airtime From Polaris Bank | Polaris Bank Recharge Code 2022

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Are you looking for the Polaris bank reload code? I’ll demonstrate how to purchase airtime from your Polaris bank account in this article. You may recharge your phone at any moment.
On a regular night, I awoke to enjoy my usual night surfing only to realize that my airtime had expired. This led me to find how one might purchase credit from his Polaris bank account and transfer it to another phone number. This is accomplished through the use of Polaris bank mobile banking codes.

With Polaris bank mobile banking codes, you can do much more. These are USSD codes that might assist you in doing financial transactions from the comfort of your home. You may use Polaris bank’s digital banking interface to send money, pay bills, and manage your pay TV subscription, among other things.

How to Purchase Polaris Bank Airtime




To enable you to purchase credit using funds from your bank account. Polaris bank mobile banking code must be activated on your device. This enables you to access a variety of services through Polaris bank mobile banking. CLICK HERE to enable the mobile banking service on your device.

Polaris Bank Self-Recharge Code 2022


This is the way for recharging your phone number associated with your Polaris bank account. To add airtime to your account or to purchase airtime from your account, follow the instructions below.



Dial *833*AMOUNT# from your Polaris Bank-registered phone line to quickly recharge your line.


How To Purchase Airtime From Polaris Bank For Others

If you wish to recharge a phone number that is not associated with your Polaris bank account, or if you wish to recharge a phone number for a friend or family member. Adhere to the instructions below.


*833*AMOUNT*PHONENUMBER# (for instance, *833*100*08001234567#)



Additionally, you may purchase Airtime by following the procedures below.

• Enter *833#

• From the menu, choose option 8. (Airtime top-up) click the transmit button

• For third parties, select option 2.

• Decide which account to debit

• Identify the receiver’s network

• Enter the recipient’s telephone number

• Enter the desired amount of airtime

• Enter a pin number

Are you aware that Polaris bank mobile banking enables you to do more? You may use it to pay bills, transfer money to customers, and pay for television subscriptions. Avoid the stress of going to the bank. We’ve created guidelines to assist you in utilizing mobile banking.

Polaris Bank’s Maximum Airtime Recharge


Each legacy bank account has a limit hold. This means that you can recharge your phone for more than that amount in a single day.

Each Polaris bank account has a daily recharge limit of 20,000. This means that once you’ve recharged your phone up to 20,000 naira in a single day. You cannot purchase additional airtime; instead, you must wait until the following day.

This restriction may be abolished. It’s easy; simply visit your nearest Polaris bank branch. Contact customer support to resolve the issue.



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