How To Buy Airtime From Union Bank Account | New Union Bank Recharge Code 2022

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Mobile banking is consuming the financial industry, and if you are not on board, you will undoubtedly miss out. This blog was intended to assist you in resolving bank-related difficulties and ensuring seamless functioning. Are you aware that you may do business from the comfort of your own home?
There is no need to visit a bank and lose valuable time in the banking hall in order to send money to someone. With the assistance of a union bank transfer code and a union bank Internet banking account. You may send money and pay other expenses from the comfort of your own home.
Perhaps you run out of airtime at an inconvenient hour of the day. Or you are frail and unable of getting out to purchase airtime. Then you have arrived to the correct location.

I’m not sure when was the last time I purchased a recharge certificate from a street seller. My bank is always willing to sell me airtime. That is why I have chosen to give codes for using your Union Bank account to recharge your phone.

2022 Union Bank Recharge Code

Prior to making a withdrawal from your union bank account. You must have Union Bank mobile banking activated on your phone. Any phone of any type is capable of this; no internet connection is required. All that is required is the sim card that was used to open your union bank account.



To enroll in and activate union bank mobile banking. I recommend that you read this post on how to use the Union bank transfer code for transactions.

If you have already registered and activated your account, then let’s get started.


How To Purchase Airtime Using Your Union Bank Account – Self-Recharging

This procedure is applicable if you wish to recharge the phone number associated with the creation of your union bank account.

Purchase Airtime Using Your Union Bank Account – To recharge from your union bank account, dial *826*amount#, for example, to recharge 2000 naira, dial *826*2000#. Your account will instantly be credited with 2000 naira.

Others Union Bank Recharge Code ( Third Party)

This approach is intended to recharge phone numbers that are not associated with your union bank account.

Union Bank Third Party Recharge Code – Dial *826*amount*recipient’s mobile number# to recharge another phone number or for another person. To validate your recharge, enter your secure PIN or the last four digits of your ATM card number. Once the transaction has been authorized and successfully completed. The receiver will immediately get airtime.

How To Check The Balance Of Your Union Bank Account

After purchasing airtime, you may wish to check the amount of your union bank account. The following is a step-by-step method for checking your union bank account balance and determining how much money is remaining.

• To check the balance of your Unity bank account, phone *7799# and

• Click the ‘check account balance’ option.

• Now, confirm your request by entering the last four numbers of your ATM card or USSD banking PIN.


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