How To Change School Placement 2022


According to GES, first-year students may only move schools after completing an academic year. This is referred to as transfer.

About School Placement

Are you wondering if you may move schools after receiving a placement but dislike the school? Yes, provided you finish an academic year at the school where you have been placed.

How To Change Your School Placement
The free SHS transfer policy requires students desiring transfer to get a release letter from the present institution in which they are enrolled.
Then, contact the administration of the institution to which you are applying for an assurance letter confirming your admission.
Submit both the release letter and the assurance letter to the Secretariat of the Free Senior High School for processing.
The Free Senior High School Secretariat will ensure that your present school has cleared you.
The FSHS Secretariat will then move your data from the old to the new school and notify the heads of both schools of the transfer.
The Free Senior High School Secretariat will then provide you an admission letter to show to the new school’s head.
Can I Change Schools After Being Placed in a BECE School?

Apart from transfer, the second option is self-placement. However, you must meet the following requirements.

BECE Cut-Off Points for School Placement
CSSPS School Placement students must have an aggregate score of 9 in the following core subjects: English, Math, and Science. In this case, the student will be disqualified from consideration for placement.
In this case, students must register for the Private BECE in order to retake the BECE tests in the areas where they failed in order to be placed in one of the Senior High Schools.
GES Contact the CSSPS Placement Center for Assistance

If you are having difficulty accessing your school placement or self-placing on the CSSPS site, contact the GES call center at one of the 11 numbers listed below:

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