How to Change Shipping Address on eBay

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There are times when you can’t avoid making mistakes. To show you how this might work, you buy something on eBay and forget to change the delivery address. For example, you recently moved or want to get the item at a different address.

We’ll tell you what you can do if you make a mistake like this. We’ve looked at the situations where you might need to change the shipping address in eBay and we’ve come up with answers for you, so please read on.

After you buy something on eBay, you can change the shipping address. This is how to do it.

You can change your shipping address on eBay right before you pay for your purchase because you can see your account address in the checkout. This lets you change your eBay shipping address if you put in the wrong address or changed your address.



Choose another address in the “Ship To” field. To add a new address, click “Add a new address” and fill in all the fields. Until then, you cannot pay for your order.

If you follow these steps, the eBay seller has to send the item to your checkout address, no matter what address is on your account. If they don’t send it, they will be breaking eBay rules and will be banned from the site.

On eBay, how do you change the address where the package is sent?

If you want to change your shipping address on eBay, please take a moment to read through the steps we’ve put together below.

To change both your primary and secondary addresses, you can use Method 1.
When you’re logged into eBay, go to the Update Shipping Addresses page and change your shipping address.
To change the address, click the Edit Address link next to it and type in a new address. Select Ship to This Address to save your changes.
The second method:

When you add a secondary address, you can, for example, get some of your items at work from time to time.
Fill out the form under Add a New Address on the Update Shipping Addresses page to add a new secondary shipping address. It’s important to pick a primary shipping address because it’s the one eBay will show by default when you check out. This is the address where you’ll get the majority of your items. During the checkout process, however, eBay shows a Change Address link that lets you send items to a different address, like your work or your summer home.
Enter your name, address, and phone number in the fields provided. Click Add New Address when you’re done.
Method 3
Remove a primary address, and the first secondary shipping address you choose as your new primary address is set as your new primary address.
Select Delete Address next to a shipping address to remove it from your account.

It turns your primary address into a secondary one if you choose another one.
Select Make Primary next to one of your secondary shipping addresses to make it the main address, then click Save and Close.
In eBay, how do you change the delivery address after you buy a thing from them?

To do this, you’ll need to get in touch with your seller as soon as possible to tell them that you’ve changed your delivery address. When you pay for your order, the seller has the right to send it to the address you gave. If you gave them the wrong address when you checked out, it was your own fault. If they haven’t already sent your package, they can change the delivery address on eBay. In this case, the seller just gives the shipping company different shipping information.



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