How to Change the Time on your FitBit

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So you just got your FitBit, went on a long journey, then came back only to realize your FitBit is behind schedule and you’ve got no idea how to change the time.

Well, you’re in luck as we’ve written a detailed tutorial on how to change the time on your FitBit using several methods.

Let’s dive in.

How to Change the Time on your FitBit with Android;

  • Open the FitBit app, click on the account icon where you’ll see your profile on the top.
  • Navigate down and click “App settings”.
  • Disable the automatic time zone and choose “Select time zone”.
  • Next, from the drop-down menu, you’ll set up your location time.
  • You’ll sync your android so the time changes will reflect on your FitBit.

This same procedure is applied with iPhones. The only difference is that you’ll see “Set automatically” instead of “Select time zone”. So if you’re using an iPhone, you can follow the same procedures for Android phone users.

Changing Your FitBit’s Time Using a Browser

If you prefer to change the time on your FitBit using a web browser instead. Here is the procedure;

  • Go to, ensure you’re logged in to your dashboard
  • Tap the gear icon, you’ll see ” settings” below, tap it as well.
  • Tap on personal info if you’re not on your info page.
  • Scroll down, you’ll see the “Advance setting” option, click on “Choose correct Time zone”, add your current location too.
  • Tap on the ” Submit” so the changes will be saved. And you’re good to go. 

Changing the Time on your FitBit: Final Note

Whether you choose to readjust your FitBit’s time using your mobile device or a web browser, these methods work seamlessly. So, choose the method that’s most convenient for you.

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