How To Check BVN On FCMB Bank Nigeria 2022, Link BVN To FCMB Bank Online

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Are you still having trouble checking your BVN on FCMB or would you like to attach your bank verification data to your account? You do not need to be concerned about checking or associating your BVN number with FCMB Bank Nigeria.
We produced this tutorial to assist you in verifying your BVN information.
This mobile banking guide also includes instructions on how to link your BVN via the FCMBOnline site, email, or by visiting the nearest branch in your area.

There are several ways to find out your details, and we will show you everything you need to know in this tutorial.

What Is the BVN Code?

BVN is an abbreviation for Bank Verification Number in banking and finance. So, when we say verify your BVN on FCMB Bank Nigeria, don’t be perplexed.

It simply implies you are utilising your FCMB Bank line to check your Bank Verification Number on your phone.

What Is The FCMB Bank Nigeria BVN Checking Code?

The official USSD code to check your FCMB Bank Nigeria Bank Verification Number (BVN) is *565*0#.

That is the code you can use to obtain your BVN information.

How to Check Your FCMB Bank Account Details on Nigerian Bank Verification (BVN)

As mentioned in the previous section, the code to phone to check your BVN data on FCMB Bank Nigeria is *565*0#.

When it comes to checking your Bank Verification Number details on the FCMB Bank network, there are no hard and fast rules.

All you have to do is dial the USSD short code *565*0# from your FCMB Bank phone.

Then, press the send button.

Follow the on-screen steps, and your BVN information will appear on your phone.

That is how you can check your BVN on the FCMB Bank Nigeria network.

The most important thing to remember from this advice is to dial the BVN code on the FCMB Bank network.

How to Connect BVN to FCMB Bank Account

Here are the essential procedures you must do if you wish to link your Bank Verification data to your FCMB account:

1. Using the FCMBOnline Portal to Connect

If you are an FCMB customer who has signed up for FCMBOnline but has previously joined with another bank, you can quickly link your BVN details online.

You must accomplish the following:

• Access your FCMBOnline account.

• Select the “No BVN Link Here” option.

• It’s in the top-left corner of your account dashboard.

• Next, input your BVN number.

• Next, input the information for the bank with which you enrolled.

• Respond to the security question.

• After that, you must submit your linking request by clicking on the “Link BVN” page.

• Finally, you will see on your screen a notification confirming that you have linked your BVN data to your FCMB Bank account.

That’s how you use the FCMBOnline interface to link your information.

2. How to Connect BVN to Email

If you want to connect your bank verification number through email, send your information to

Here are the details you must send to FCMB customer service:

• The BVN number.

• The name of the bank where you opened an account.

• Your bank account number.

• Account number.

With those details, the customer service team can assist you in linking your BVN by email.

3. Visit the nearest FCMB branch to link your information.

Simply visit any FCMB branch in Nigeria and they will link your bank verification credentials to your account in five (5) minutes.

When going to the bank, bring the following information with you:

• A national identity card.

• The name and number of your bank account.

You will receive your BVN within 24 hours of providing them with those details.

How do I obtain my FCMB BVN via text?

You can acquire your BVN details for free through text on your registered mobile line with your FCMB Bank Nigeria account by following the basic steps indicated above.


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