How To Check BVN On MTN, GLO Airtel & 9mobile

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You are not permitted to have more than one BVN; all of your bank accounts will be connected to a single BVN. Your BVN must have the same information as your bank account. If you’ve misplaced your BVN, here’s how to recover it. To check your BVN by phone, follow the steps below.
Though this service is not free, it does incur a price, which varies according to the network. I’ll go into depth about this when I explain how to check BVN on MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Glo.
How To Verify Your BVN Using Your Phone


The next sections detail how to verify your BVN on any network of your choice. This will be accomplished using the phone number associated with the creation of your BVN. Follow the steps below to obtain your BVN quickly.

How To Check Your MTN BVN Using Your Phone



If your BVN was generated with your phone number as the primary identifier. Dial *565*0# to obtain your bank verification number. Your BVN will then be shown on the phone’s screen. You do not need an internet connection to verify your bank account.


Though the service is only available on the MTN network for 20 naira. Kindly refrain from disclosing your BVN to anybody. Keep it secure and out of the hands of fraudsters.


How To Verify The BVN On A 9mobile Line

If your bank verification number is associated with your 9mobile phone number. Here’s how to check your 9mobile BVN. Ascertain that the phone number associated with your BVN is operational. Dial *565*0# from your phone; there is no need for an internet connection.


Wait until you see your bank verification number on your screen. Once this service is completed successfully, you will be charged #30 naira. Remember, keep it secure, and do not share it with anybody.

How To Verify BVN On The Glo Line


It is really simple to verify your bank account number over the worldwide network. To verify your bank verification number on a phone connected to a glo network provider, call *565*0# from the phone number used to register your BVN account.

Wait for your screen to show the 11-digit number. This is not a free service; it costs #20 naira. This implies that whenever you check your VPN, #20 will be taken from the amount on your mobile network account.


How To Check The BVN Number On An Airtel Line

The following are straightforward instructions for checking your bank verification number on the Airtel network. This service is priced at #20 naira. This means that you must have a balance of at least #20 on your airtel account in order to check. Airtel must be associated with your BVN account.

To check your bank verification number via Airtel, call *565*0# and wait for your 11-digit bank verification number to appear on your screen. Remember, never disclose your BVN information with anybody; keep it secure and private.



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