How To Check FCMB Account Balance 2022

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It’s simple to check the balance of your FCMB account. I’ll demonstrate how to check your FCMB account balance in this article. This is accomplished through the use of the FCMB account balance code. You are not required to visit a bank or ATM to verify your account balance. Avoid unnecessary tension by learning how to check the balance of your FCMB account using your phone.
The benefit of this service is that you may check your account balance from any location, at any time. There are several ways to check the balance of your FCMB account.

With FCMB’s mobile banking platform, you can accomplish more. You may send money (fund transfer), pay bills, and check your account balance, among other things. I’ve developed guidelines to assist you in comprehending and learning about FCMB mobile/internet banking.


How To Check The Balance Of Your Fcmb Account



For you to check the balance of your FCMB account. You must enable FCMB mobile banking; I have created a comprehensive instruction on how to do so – READ MORE BY CLICKING HERE.

Alternatively, you can activate it by following the instructions below.

• Enter *389*214#, You’ll receive a welcome greeting from FCMB, along with a menu choice.

1. Activate with a credit card

2. Log in with your account information

3. Activate the device via Mwallet

• Select option 2 (activate with account), then submit your response.

• A new message will appear on the screen prompting you to enter the account number for the service you wish to add.

• Once you have successfully entered in your account number, send a reply. Within a few moments, you will receive an email with the phrase “Congratulations, you have been successfully synced.”

• Now, dial *389*214# on your phone.

• Select Security, Change PIN to input your default four-digit PIN and your new four-digit PIN. Kindly provide a four-digit number that is readily remembered. If you use a tough pin and then lose track of it. This will result in a trip to the bank. Meeting with a customer support representative to assist you in resolving the issue. Please safeguard your pin to avoid being a victim of fraud.


Account Balance Code for FCMB

The FCMB account balance check code is *329*00#. It should be dialed from a mobile phone number associated with your account.


To authenticate your transaction, enter the last four digits of your mastercard or your USSD banking PIN.


Charges for Checking the Balance of an FCMB Account

The service for checking your FCMB account balance is not free. The bank may charge a small fee for checking your account balance. This implies that each time you check your account balance, a specific amount of money is removed from your account.


You will be charged 20 naira each time you use the technique above to check your account balance.



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