How To Check fidelity Bank Account Number On Phone

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Fidelity bank has developed many methods to assist consumers who have forgotten their account number in resetting it. All that is required is the basic debit card used to open your fidelity bank account. To verify your account number, simply follow the instructions below.

How To Check The Balance Of My Fidelity Bank Account


You must have enabled mobile banking on your device in order to verify your fidelity bank account number by phone. This will be accomplished through the use of the phone number associated with your fidelity bank account. By activating mobile banking, you will be able to utilize codes and check the balance of your fidelity bank account. Although there are more methods for monitoring your fidelity bank account. To activate mobile banking on your device, CLICK HERE; once activated, follow the procedures below.




How To Check The Account Number Of A Fidelity Bank Using USSD Codes

Once you’ve activated fidelity bank mobile banking, the steps below will walk you through the process of verifying your account number.

On the sim card associated with your fidelity bank account, dial *770*0#. This is the code for checking the balance of your account. However, when your account balance is transmitted directly to you via SMS, it will include your account number. This service is not free; you will be charged N20 for the displayed account balance.

This is the simplest and most secure method of determining your account number. Adhere to the procedure and keep your account number handy.


How To Check The Account Number Of A Fidelity Bank Using A Mobile App

If you already have an online banking ID, all you have to do is download the fidelity mobile app and log in using your banking ID. The app’s homepage will reveal your account number and balance. If you have not yet received your online banking ID, please refer to our guide Fidelity Bank Internet banking. Follow the steps to obtain your banking ID.

How To Verify My Fidelity Bank Account Number Via The Customer Service Department

To verify your account number, contact fidelity bank via one of their several online customer service lines. You can contact their customer service department by message and obtain your account number. They will require you to substantiate some of the following facts.

• Your whole name’

• The phone number used to open your account

• Adjacent kin

• Birthdate

• The bank branch in which you enrolled

• Your residential address

After you provide accurate information, the customer service person will give you your account number.

Additionally, you may visit the local fidelity bank branch. Meet with a customer service person and request that they obtain your account number on your behalf.

Alternatively, you may contact their customer service department at 01-448-5252 and lodge a complaint.



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