How To Check Heritage Bank Account Number On Phone

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There are several methods for determining your heritage bank account number. In this essay, I’ll discuss many methods for checking your account number. If you’ve forgotten your account number, have no fear; you’ll be able to retrieve it by following the instructions below.
How To Confirm The Account Number Of Heritage Bank

To let you to verify the status of your legacy account number through phone. Mobile banking must be activated on the phone number used to open your heritage bank account. If you haven’t activated your legacy bank mobile banking account, please CLICK HERE. If you have already done so, continue with the instructions below.


How To Check The Account Number Of Heritage Bank Using The USSD Code



• If you’ve enabled mobile banking on the phone number associated with the creation of your legacy bank account. Then, as shown below, insert the simple card into a mobile phone.

• Dial *322*030# once more and pick the “check account balance” option.

• Wait for the heritage bank to display the hour account number on the screen or send you a message.

This is the simplest and most secure method of determining your heritage bank account number. I strongly encourage you to utilize it.

How To Check The Account Number Of Heritage Bank Online

You may obtain the account number for your heritage bank on their social media pages. Inform them through message on their verified handle that you’ve forgotten your account number. You will be asked for the following information; please provide accurate information.

• Your full name as it appears on your account

• The phone number associated with your HB account.

• Adjacent kin

• Birthdate

• The branch of Heritage Bank where you created your account

• Your primary residence address

After inputting accurate information, you will be granted a ten-digit number that will serve as your account number.


How To Verify Your Heritage Bank Account Number Through a Bank Branch

If you are unable to verify your account number using the two procedures outlined above. Then this strategy is for you, despite the time and worry involved. You can visit the historic bank branch that is closest to you. Speak with a customer service agent and follow their instructions. Following that, you will receive your ten-digit account number.



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