How To Check JAIZ Bank Account Balance, JAIZ Bank Nigeria Balance Code

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In today’s mobile banking article, we’ll teach you how to check your JAIZ Bank account balance through USSD code, SMS, and app. JAIZ Bank offers Nigerians unrestricted digital banking.
We’ll show you how to utilise USSD to check your JAIZ account balance in Nigeria.
Follow this guide to check your JAIZ Bank account balance in Nigeria.

Why check your balance?

The JAIZ account balance USSD code has many benefits.

You’ll know if you’re running out of money or nearing the JAIZ Bank minimum balance.

You can check your JAIZ balance on your phone without visiting the bank.

USSD Code or PIN to check JAIZ Bank balance

USSD code *773# checks account balance.

*773# checks your phone’s balance.

Follow the on-screen instructions after dialling the USSD code to retrieve your bank account balance.

Before seeing your balance, enter your PIN.

That’s it for checking your JAIZ balance.

If the aforementioned code doesn’t work, register for mobile banking USSD code by phoning *773# and following the instructions.

JAIZ Bank Nigeria Mobile App Account Balance

In most cases, you can utilise JAIZ Bank’s USSD code. Alternatively, you can utilise the JAIZ mobile app.

Download JAIZ from Google Play or Apple App Store.

After downloading the app, log in using JAIZ Bank.

Before using the mobile app to check your balance, you must first register.

Do Airtel, MTN, 9mobile, and Glo support JAIZ USSD?

Yes. You can check your bank statement or balance on MTN Nigeria, Glo, Airtel, or 9mobile.

Online Bank Balance Check

JAIZ online banking makes checking your account balance easy.

You can check your balance on JAIZ’s online banking dashboard.

Online balance checks require internet access.

Nigeria JAIZ SMS Bank Balance

By utilising the mobile banking USSD code, you’ll get a balance SMS.

That is how the JAIZ SMS account checking works.

That’s how to check your JAIZ Bank Nigeria account balance using USSD code, SMS, mobile banking app, or online banking page.

What’s JAIZ Bank’s USSD Code?

*773# is JAIZ’s USSD code.

Follow the on-screen directions to check your bank account balance by dialling the transfer code.

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