How To Check NSS Pin Code – Follow These Easy Steps

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How To Check NSS Pin Code

This page is intended for potential National Service Personnel who are unsure how to check their NSS Pin Code. Are you one of them? If you answered yes, you are the reason we created this tutorial.

The NSS Pin code checker 2022/2023 is now available. You may be wondering, as a potential National Service Personnel, how to check your NSS Pin code. Or, how can you verify your NSS Pin code online?

We’ve put up a full instruction on how to verify your NSS Pin code online and also purchase your pin code using MTN Mobile Money in this guide.

It is quite simple to obtain the National Service Scheme (NSS) Pin code using MTN Mobile Money. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and follow the steps outlined below to purchase your NSS Pin codes.

Prospective service members should be aware that acquiring the NSS Pin code using MTN Mobile Money costs Gh 41. Check that you have sufficient funds in your account to execute the transaction. Any attempt to purchase the Pin code without a balance of up to Gh 41 in your account will be rejected.

Before we get into how to acquire NSS Pin Code online, let’s first discuss the National Service Scheme’s goals.

Applicants who have yet to register for NSS Posting can learn more by visiting our detailed guide here.

The National Service Scheme’s goals are as follows:

1. Promote the spirit of national service throughout ALL sectors of Ghanaian society via active involvement in the process of nation-building.

2. Launch programs in Ghana to tackle hunger, illiteracy, sickness, and unemployment.

3. Assist in the provision of vital services and facilities, particularly in Ghana’s rural towns and villages.

4. Train competent workers through hands-on experience.

5. Foster national unity and deepen Ghanaians’ bonds of shared citizenship.

According to the Act, the Scheme is required to mobilize and deploy “any individual to whom the Scheme applies to be engaged, full time, in any of the following fields”:
a. Agriculture

  • b. Cooperatives
  • c. Education
  • d. Health
  • e. Local Government
  • f. Military
  • g. Rural Development (surveying, physical planning, civil engineering, and rural industries)
  • h. Youth programs
    i. Any additional field prescribed by the Board from time to time.
    Any such individual must follow the Board’s instructions.

How To Check NSS Pin Code

Below are the step to step guide on how to access your NSS Pin code online;

Check your Pin Code on the NSS Portal

How To Check NSS Pin Code

Enter your Index Number/Student ID number on the field provided and click on the SEARCH button.


Your Personnel Pin code will be displayed on the screen. Please copy it out correctly to be used for the MTN Mobile Money payment.

The twelve-digit (12) Pin code will look like this; GMYGCW793418


On your mobile phone, dial *170#


From the displayed menu, select option 2, MoMo Pay & PAY BILLS.How To Check NSS Pin Code


From the displayed menu, select option 2. PAY Bill

How To Check NSS Pin Code


Select GENERAL PAYMENT From the Pop-Up Menu.

How To Check NSS Pin Code


Enter the payment code as NSS (Space) your code. Example type NSS GMYGCW793418 and send.

How To Check NSS Pin Code


Enter your GENERAL PAYMENT Details as 41 ie, this is the amount you will be charged in your MoMo Wallet.

How To Check NSS Pin Code


Enter your reference as NSS.

How To Check NSS Pin Code


Enter your your MoMo Pin Code and Press SEND to confirm the transaction.


Once your transaction is successful, NSS will confirm receipt of payment and send you a link to follow to register.


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