How To Check UBA Account Balance

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Are you looking for information about How To Check UBA Account Balance? Perhaps you’re curious as to how much money remains in your account. This post will walk you through the process of utilizing the UBA Account Balance Code. You may check the balance of your UBA account from the convenience of your own home. You are not required to visit a bank or use an ATM.
You may check the balance of your UBA account using your mobile phone. All you need is your UBA account’s phone number. Through UBA mobile banking, you may do more banking transactions. This enables the usage of ussd codes in transactions.

This blog contains further information regarding mobile/Internet banking. We are committed to making mobile banking simple for you.

How To Check The Balance Of Your UBA Account 2022




To check the balance of your UBA account, you must first activate mobile banking on your device. This must be accomplished using the phone number associated with your account. Activate mobile banking; this will enable you to conduct transactions through USSD. If you have not already done so, CLICK HERE. If you have continued.

Codes for  Checking UBA Account Balance

To check your UBA account balance, simply follow the instructions below. This way of monitoring your account balance does not require an internet connection.


• Dial *919# to check your account balance using USSD code. This should take you to the main page for magic banking.

• Following that, choose and dial 6 and then follow the on-screen instructions.



• Enter *919*00#

• It should display the balance of the account associated with that SIM instantly.


How to Check the Balance of Your UBA Account Online

• Log in to your online banking platform (if you don’t already have one, learn how to get one here).

• Select ‘account balance check’ (Words may vary depending on the platform)

• A statement of your account will be shown on your screen.

• Additionally, you can do various activities on your internet platform.

You may check the balance of your account using the UBA Mobile app. On the app’s home page, the balance of your account will be displayed. I hope you’re aware of the additional features available through UBA mobile banking. Discover more by clicking on the links below.

Charges for UBA Account Balance Checks


A certain sum of money has been debited from your account. After you’ve verified your Polaris bank account. This is referred to as a service fee; it is a price for checking your account balance. The service is not provided for free. Sterling bank charges N10 to check your account balance. This implies that N10 will be taken from your account each time you check it.



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