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Are you a chime user who is unsure how to terminate your chime account? Don’t be concerned. Chime’s website does not provide users with any recommendations, therefore the question of how do I close my chime account may remain in the user’s mind, but this is not a problem.

The many requests for solutions to the issue “How can I close my chime account?” compelled us to do thorough study in order to provide our users with the best solution. The procedure I’ll walk you through to terminate your Chime bank account is easy and quick.


How Do I Terminate My Chime Account?

Chime online bank prides itself on being the most convenient and user-friendly online banking app in the United States. The great degree of simplicity and ease of use is also obvious in the process of creating a Chime account. When it comes to cancelling a Chime bank account, though, that degree of ease vanishes into thin air. You may look through every feature and tab on the Chime app, but I guarantee you won’t discover anything. However, you may remove your Chime bank account in a completely painless method. Let’s go through it in depth.



The First Method

Check that there is no balance in your Chime bank account.
If you want to guarantee a flawless deletion, you must also transfer all funds from your Chime account. You might send this to your Paypal or Cash App account.

The Second Method

Unlink all of your Chime accounts.
Before you do anything else, disconnect any accounts that are linked to your Chime bank account. This is done to prevent any costs and money being shifted inexplicably.
This may sound excessive, but we strongly advise you to unlink every other account from your Chime bank account before canceling it. You may have cards connected with the account, but it is likely that you have other banks attached to it as well. The sole reason we recommend unlinking them altogether is to minimize any needless headache with regard to inadvertent payments.
With all of the accounts and cards that were previously connected to your Chime bank account now deactivated, it’s time to request that the account be deleted.

Third Approach

Check the payment history to verify there are no outstanding payments. If you have any outstanding payments, cancel them.

The Fourth Method

Make sure your Chime balance isn’t negative. If it’s negative, you’ll have to pay your debts first.

The Fifth Method

Chime may be contacted by email.
The only method to remove a Chime bank account is to make a deletion request. There are two methods to achieve this, but we suggest doing both for good measure.
The first step is to contact Chime directly through email. To contact them, send an email to It would be helpful if you made the email’s subject line extremely explicit. “Request to Delete my Account,” we recommend. This is a brief and to-the-point statement. It’s also self-evident without the email being read, so anybody at Chime searching for fast inquiries will probably pick up your email sooner. We’ve created a template for you to submit in an email, which you can find below. Please feel free to use it when contacting Chime.
The Sixth Method

Contact the Customer Service Department.

If you have completed all of the above steps, you are one step closer to closing your Chime online bank account.
Many individuals are simply sitting back and waiting at this point. The problem is that you have no idea what’s going on with your account in the meanwhile. That’s why we recommend calling Chime a day or two after contacting them. The phone number is 1-844-244-6363. You may call the Chime phone number from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day of the week. If you have written an email and talked with a Chime employee but your account has not been terminated, you may seek our assistance.
Make a note of any reference numbers that have been sent to you so that you may refer to them as needed. Begin by inquiring about the status of your account, and then inquire about how long it will be until it is removed.
It’s in your best advantage to get the account removed as quickly as possible once you request it. The longer the account stays idle, the more time there is for things to go wrong. You have a greater chance of a senior management seeing your request and getting on the case if it’s taking too long if you chase the customer care staff in different ways.






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