How To Dispute Amex Charge? Step By Step Guide

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It’s important to question every charge that goes through your account, since some charges could be mistakes made by the merchant’s payment system.

Or, more likely, a transaction you didn’t agree to. By disputing a charge, you can easily question a charge that you don’t know much about.

Now we’ll talk about the American Express, which is the main point of this article.


If you have recently been scammed online, which means you paid for goods but didn’t get them, or you paid for a service but didn’t get the service you asked for.

As long as a payment was made with the Amex card, users can dispute certain charges made with their Amex card.


When you dispute a charge on American Express, the main reason is to get your money back, usually because a wrong charge was made to your account.

I’ll show you how easy it is to dispute a charge on American Express in this article.




It’s very important to dispute any charges on your Amex Card that you don’t agree with.

American Express users are lucky because they can easily dispute a transaction they didn’t agree to or maybe didn’t even authorise.

Still, you can dispute a charge on your account in a number of ways. One of the fastest and most effective ways is to contact the Merchant directly.


If you want to dispute a transaction, this is the first trial you have to go through, even before you contact American Express.

This seems to be a quick way to settle a transaction dispute, and if you are dealing with a merchant who is willing to work with you, you are likely to get your money back into your account.


There are many reasons why you might want to dispute a charge, but the first thing you should do is contact the merchant.

When you talk to the merchant about the dispute, you should try as much as possible to give a detailed and well-explained report. This will help the merchant understand the dispute you are reporting.


Well, after everything, you should get your money put back into your account. However, this way of resolving a charge dispute may not always work, so you will have to use the second way to dispute a charge.

If the first way to dispute a charge doesn’t work, maybe because the merchant isn’t willing to give you your money back, you can dispute the transaction directly with American Express.


If you’ve lost money because of an unauthorised transaction, you’ll have to do the same thing to get your money back.

The only time disputing a charge on American Express will work is if the status of the charge isn’t “pending.” This is because the charge hasn’t reached the merchant yet.


So, you have to stay a little longer before you can question the charge. Once the transaction status no longer says “Pending,” which probably means “Success,” you can easily dispute the charge by following the steps below…

1. Go to your online account and sign in.

2. Go to your “Account Services”

3. From the side menu, choose “Inquiry and Dispute Center.”

4. Click “Open a Billing or Payment Dispute.”

Once you have successfully disputed the charge, you can keep track of it by checking the Status of the dispute from time to time.




The amount of time it takes to settle a dispute depends on the type and size of the dispute.

Some disagreements can be settled in up to 60 days, while others can be settled in less than 30 days. To put it more simply, how long it takes American Express to settle a dispute will depend on how big and important it is.


You might want to ask, “Why does it take longer to settle a dispute?” Well.

When a charge is disputed, it means that an investigation is needed. American Express will have to do an investigation to find out what caused the dispute and suggest ways to settle it.




Pending… just means that a transaction is being processed. So, when a transaction shows up as “pending,” it just means that the transaction hasn’t been sent to the merchant yet.

But sometimes a pending charge can take longer than usual. This could be because of a mistake, and it’s possible that the money will be put back into your account, but not always.


The answer to this question is:

Since a pending transaction doesn’t appear to have been received by the merchant, you can’t dispute it… So, in short, the answer is no.


giving you the information you need to challenge your charge

One way to settle a dispute over a charge is to show supporting documents. Believe me, this will be very helpful.

The more proof you can provide, the more likely you are to get your money back.


For example, if you ordered something from an online store but didn’t get it or it was broken in some way, that could show how it was used.

Then, you can make a picture of the product that shows exactly where the problems are.

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