How To Eat For Free At Mcdonald’s?

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McDonald’s is known for being quick, cheap, and having a menu that people all over the world love.

McDonald’s has always cared about its customers and made sure that most of the items on its menu are cheap and easy to buy. With the use of technology in fast food chains, there are now ways to get free McDonald’s.

This article will tell you how to eat at McDonald’s for free.



You might think that McDonald’s is already cheap, so how could you get it for even less money or for free?

But everyone loves free food, especially when it comes from one of the best fast food chains in the world.

We’ve found ways to get food from McDonald’s for free.


Method 1: Get rewards right away by getting the McDonald’s app.


Downloading the McDonald’s app is the only way to get free food. You start getting rewards as soon as you download the app, and you can keep getting free food through discounts and special offers.

You can get a coupon for a free large order of fries just by downloading the app, which is, of course, free. If that isn’t enough, McDonald’s also gives new customers a special bonus, like a free 10-piece chicken nugget order, if that isn’t enough.


McDonald’s also has special deals and freebies every day. You’ll need to check back before each order to see what the current specials are, since they change often.

You can expect to find the following deals on the McDonald’s app:


• Buy one Signature Crafter sandwich, get one for free.

• If you buy a combo meal, you get a free Happy Meal.

• Every order of a signature Crafter sandwich comes with free medium fries and a drink.

• Large fries are free when you buy anything.

To use one of these deals, all you have to do is pick your favourite, finish your order, and pick it up at a location that takes part.


Method 2: Answer the questions on the receipts.



Even though many of us throw away our receipts along with the rest of our trash. If someone gets free food from McDonald’s, they might want to think twice about it.

Each receipt has a link that takes the customer to a quick survey about their experience. If you fill it out, you’ll be able to get free food on your next visit.

The prizes can be different, but they are usually coupons for free fries or a buy one, get one quarter-pounder with cheese.


There are no limits on how many coupons one person can use, since each one has a unique 26-digit code that must be entered into the survey.

Method 3: Get a free dessert on your birthday

One of the best times to get free stuff from McDonald’s is on your birthday, which also means free McDonald’s food. Through their mobile app, McDonald’s gives you a free treat on your birthday to help you celebrate.


McDonald’s has given free birthday treats for a long time, but the treats have changed over time. Before, they only gave free Happy Meals to kids on their birthdays, but now anyone can use the app to get a free dessert.

Before your birthday, McDonald’s will give you a coupon for a free apple pie or ice cream. You can use your treat at any McDonald’s that takes them between the time you get it and the date it expires.


Method 4: Join the Mccafe loyalty programme and get a free cup of coffee.

This is a free offer from McDonald’s that coffee lovers should be aware of. McDonald’s has the My McDonald’s Rewards Program as well as the McCafe Loyalty Program.

It’s in the mobile app, and if you buy five coffees, you’ll get one for free. Just like other McDonald’s rewards, there are no limits on how many of these you can get, so drink up! The more coffee you buy, the more free coffee you’ll get.


This deal is even better because you might save money if you buy coffee at McDonald’s instead of from a big coffee company. Also, you won’t have to give up quality because McDonald’s coffee is made with 100% Arabica Medium Roast beans, which are delicious.

Use the MyMcDonald’s Rewards programme to your advantage.

One of the best ways to get your favourite menu items for free is to use McDonald’s Rewards. Even though it’s often overlooked, it’s a great way to earn points that can be used to get free stuff.


This is the easiest way to get rewards points, since any order you place through the app will earn you points right away. But you can also get points when you buy something in person by giving the cashier your 4-digit code.

Choose “Earn Points” on your McDonald’s app to find the code, and show it to the cashier every time you order to get points for each transaction. You’ll get 1,500 points for every $15 you spend. If you have enough points, you can use them to get free things that are worth more.


When you’re ready to use your freebie, just choose it from the McDonald’s Rewards section of your mobile app and either add it to your order or select “Use at Restaurant” from the drop-down menu.

You can get discounted gift cards on Groupon and other sites.


People often forget that they can use websites like Groupon and others to get discounts on gift cards, such as a $50 McDonald’s gift card for $30. This is one way to get McDonald’s food for free.

Even though it’s not free at first, if you get $20 off the value of the gift card, you just got $20 worth of free McDonald’s food. Gift cards never expire.

Also, the gift cards can be used at any McDonald’s, not just the one near you or in your state.


Sign up for McDonald’s newsletter.

If you sign up for McDonald’s newsletter, the company will let you know by email when new deals or promotions are available.


Also, people who sign up for the newsletter will get special deals that can’t be found anywhere else.

Even better, if your local restaurant is part of the launch of the new item, you will often get a voucher in your email so you can try it.


Method 5: Take advantage of discounts and sales.

McDonald’s has a lot of discounts that can be used by anyone who meets the requirements.

People who belong to the following groups often get discounts at McDonald’s:


• Seniors

• Teachers

• Military

• Employees

Seniors age 50 and up can get 10% off meals and drinks at McDonald’s locations that offer the deal. People in the military and people who teach can both save money all year long.

Another sure way to get frequent discounts is to work at McDonald’s. Workers get a package of benefits, and they also get a 30% discount at all McDonald’s restaurants.




The best way to get free stuff at McDonald’s is to use the app, which gives out new free coupons every week. Some of the coupons are for free burgers, while others are for free drinks and fries.

There are also other parts to the app, like the McCafe Loyalty Program, which lets you get a free McCafe drink after spending $5.

With the app’s points system for your McDonald’s order, you’ll get points every time you go. You can use these points to get free stuff.


Also, if you fill out the survey on the receipt and sign up for the newsletter through your email, you can get free food and other special deals.

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