How To Generate GTBANK Token Code For Free Using Your Phone

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This tutorial will save you money on the purchase of GTBank hardware tokens. If you use GTBank’s internet banking platform, you will realize how critical it is to complete a transaction using the GTBank token.

Token codes from gtbank are used to authenticate internet banking transactions. If you are a businessman or lady who deals with large sums of money or finances on a daily basis. Then you will be obliged to use GTBank tokens to satisfy your daily transaction limit.

Years ago, you had to pay for these token codes. It is available in hardware form, which you can carry everywhere. Things have changed over the years, and the good news is that you do not have to pay again to get GTBank tokens.




You may now generate these code codes directly using the GTBank mobile banking app. This is accomplished via the usage of GTBank’s USSD codes. This service is completely free.

This page contains all of the information necessary to obtain GTBank token codes. Adhere to our instructions and create those tokens.

This post will save you both time and money by explaining how to use hardware tokens. With a few clicks, you may now enjoy GTBank soft token.

Steps for Using Your Phone to Generate GTBANK Token Codes

We understand how critical these tokens are; without them, transactions cannot be completed. Transfer funds to your partners and clear out your stock of things for sale. When sending millions of dollars from your account, you’ll need a token code to prove your identity. The instructions below will walk you through the process of generating token codes using GTBank mobile banking.

On the phone number associated with your GTBank account, dial *737*7#.
Enter the account number for your NUBAN account.
Enter your GTBank debit card’s last six numbers.


Dial *737# from the sim card on which mobile banking was activated.
Then, for NEXT, respond with 11.
Now, select 8 to produce a token.
Proceed and provide the necessary information to obtain your token.

On the screen, your token code will be shown. It is now possible to utilize it to perform internet banking operations.

NOTE: You must use the created token within 60 seconds (one minute), otherwise it will expire.

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