How to Get Free 5 Dollars on Paypal?

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Earning free money on Paypal sounds like such an exciting idea. Even though it might only be $5, the thought of having that money top your pre-made budget for the week is too appealing to ignore.

You can earn free money up to $5 on your PayPal account in a variety of ways, all of which only require that you complete quick, easy tasks in a room’s corner. These easy tasks include responding to inquiries, downloading apps, recommending friends, and trying out services.


To learn how to get free $5 or more on Paypal, keep reading the article.

How can I use PayPal to get free money without completing surveys?

You can start earning free money on Paypal in a variety of ways without having to take surveys or respond to questions. They consist of.



The popular mobile app Swagbuck allows you to earn free money online. You can choose from a variety of money-making options within the application itself to make money. These options include browsing the internet for information, playing games, and watching videos.

You will receive a $5 welcome reward in your Paypal account once you download the Swagbucks app, register an account, and finish the process by validating your email address.


By using your referral link to get your friends a Swagbucks account, you can also double your reward. Through the referral bonus, you will be able to make $3 for each friend who signs up using your link, and you will also be qualified to receive 10% of whatever your friends who you referred made using the app.



One of the well-known sites where you can get cash back for shopping is Ibbota. You can use the platform to get cash back at a staggering 500,000 stores, both online and off.

The best option is to use the application, which you will use to get your money back when you make your regular weekly purchases. This will ensure that you aren’t overspending just to get by with less money.


By downloading the Ibotta mobile app, creating an account, and using the first offer, you can earn on Paypal in addition to the cashback. You will receive a free $20 reward in your Paypal account once this is finished. Additionally, you can increase your earnings by getting your friends to download the Ibbota app.

Every time a friend registers for the app using your Ibbota referral code, you will be paid $5.



Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is one of the most renowned cashback services. Rakuten will compensate you for any online purchases you make, just like Ibbota. Your Paypal account will then receive the earned money.


You will immediately receive a $10 welcome bonus when you download the Rakuten mobile app and create an account on the website. Since you will receive £25 when a friend signs up using your referral link, you can easily increase your earned rewards through referrals.



a website that functions in a manner that is very similar to Swagbucks. This app is a great way to earn money while you watch videos, play games, shop online, and perform other menial tasks like these, even though you won’t be able to make a tonne of money from it.


Up until your point total reaches $5, at which point it can be transferred to your Paypal account, you can continue earning on Mypoints.



Respondent deals with answering questions in order to make money, despite not being a survey website. You must create a profile on this platform and fill it out with personal information so that the platform can determine whether you fit one of its target demographics.

Once this is done, you’ll be able to participate in a number of sessions that can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour.

You can make up to $125 per hour by responding to the questions and having the money transferred to your Paypal account.



You might as well make money if you’re going to be standing around most of the day. Sweatcoin will compensate you for the number of steps you take. You will be able to earn more money the more steps you take. You only need to sign up and set up a profile to begin earning for each action you take.



A mobile app called ScreenLift rewards you with money when you let an ad appear on your lock screen. Before being eligible for the cash, you won’t need to click on the advertisement or visit a website; all you need to do is leave it on your lock screen.


The advertisement won’t prevent you from using your phone because it will go away once the device is unlocked. You can make up to $5 per month using this platform, which will be transferred to your Paypal account.


With the help of the mobile app Dosh, you can create free Paypal cash. You will be able to get cash back from purchases you make through Dosh. Your credit or debit card must first be opened in a Dosh account before the account can be automatically linked to your credit or debit card.

The app will automatically award you points based on the cash back percentage of the retailer you purchased the items from whenever you make a purchase with a participating retailer.


Up to $5 worth of Dosh points can be accumulated in a single day, and getting access to this free money is simple and easy. Simply sign into your Dosh account and select the Withdraw button to proceed.

You will need to wait while your payment is processed, which could take up to a day, before the money is transferred to your Paypal account.


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