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Let’s begin this review of the Total Visa credit card by stating that, despite the high fees, the card itself is not terrible. Even if you have poor credit, the Total Visa Credit Card can provide you with access to an unsecured credit card. However, its multiple fees make it a very expensive option.
Because these fees are non-refundable, a secured credit card is likely preferable. You can improve your credit over time and qualify for a regular, unsecured credit card.
When you do, you can recover your security deposit, saving you hundreds of dollars compared to when you used the Total Visa Credit Card.

If you have poor credit, you are typically limited to secured credit cards that require a security deposit of several hundred dollars.

The Total Visa Unsecured Credit Card is an alternative. Without a security deposit, you can qualify for a $300 credit limit, and your account activity is reported to the major credit bureaus.

However, the card’s high fees may cost you more in the long run than a secured credit card.




Before we continue with this review of the total Visa credit card, I feel compelled to mention that the card’s high service fees are the card’s most significant drawback.

Therefore, let’s continue with this review of the total Visa credit card, in which we will discuss everything that makes it such a great card.



Let’s begin this review of the total Visa credit card by discussing some of the card’s most advantageous financial features that can aid in credit-building.

This card is optimal for:

The Total Visa Credit Card is for those with poor or no credit history who are unable or unwilling to make a security deposit for a secured credit card.

You can apply for the card online and receive an immediate response. If authorised, you will have access to a Visa card that you can use at retailers across the United States.

It allows you to create your own card design and sends your account activity to the three major credit bureaus.

The Bank of Missouri offers the Total Visa Credit Card. The Bank of Missouri is not included in the J.D. Power Credit Card Satisfaction Study since it is a minor credit card issuer.

Call 877-526-5799 with concerns regarding your card application or to pay your programme fee to start an account. Call 877-480-6988 to check your account balance or make a payment.

You can call (877) 480-6988 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you need to report a lost or stolen card.

You can also contact customer service via email at for general inquiries. However, as the bank emphasises, it is never a good idea to send sensitive information such as account numbers or passwords via email.

This card’s security features are minimal. You are required to notify The Bank of Missouri verbally or in writing as soon as you become aware that your card has been lost, stolen, or used without your permission.

In certain circumstances, you may be responsible for up to $50 in unlawful charges.


In this review of the total Visa credit card, we will now discuss some of the card’s benefits that make it an excellent option.

People with bad credit or no credit history frequently utilise secured credit cards to begin developing or rebuilding credit.

With a secured credit card, a security deposit serves as your credit limit. In order to use a secured card, you must often deposit hundreds of dollars at once, which might be difficult for many people to do.

The Total Visa Credit Card is unsecured, thus there is no requirement for a security deposit. You may qualify for the card even if you have less-than-perfect credit and receive a $300 credit limit without having to put up collateral.

• Notifies the three major credit reporting agencies: The Total Visa Card is issued by The Bank of Missouri, which notifies the three major credit bureaus of your account activity: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

You can improve your credit over time if you use your account properly, making all payments on time, making the minimum monthly payment, and keeping your balance below your credit limit.

During your first year as a cardholder, you will not be charged any cash advance fees.

If you use your card to obtain cash at a register, an ATM, or a bank, you will still be charged interest on the money, but there will be no cash advance fee for the first year.

The cash advance cost thereafter is either $10 or 3 percent of the cash advance amount, whichever is greater.


The final point we will discuss in this total Visa credit card review is the disadvantages of using the card, which, from my perspective, are negligible in comparison to the card’s benefits.

• Expensive fees Although the Total Visa Credit Card does not require a security deposit, there are a number of costly fees that you should be aware of:

The annual charge is $75 for the first year and $48 for each year thereafter. Before using your card, the cost is calculated and taken from your initial credit limit. If your credit limit is $300, for instance, your initial accessible credit limit is $225.

• Program fee: a one-time $89 programme charge is required.

• Monthly maintenance fee: The monthly servicing fee is $0 for the first year and then $75 ($6.25 per month) after that.

• Additional card fee: There is a $29 fee per card if you request an additional card for another user.

• Credit limit increase fee: If you qualify for a credit limit increase and request an increase, you will be charged a fee equal to 20% of the increase.

If your credit limit was increased by $100, for instance, your cost would be $20, which would be withdrawn from your available credit.

• Express delivery fee: There is a $35 fee to get your card shipped via express delivery.

• Copying fee: If you want copies of invoices or other documents, there is a $3 per-page copying fee.

• Late payment fee: Late payments incur a $40 fee, or $29 if there have been no other late payments in the previous six months.

• Returned payment cost: If a payment is returned to you due to insufficient funds, you will be assessed a $40 fee or $29 if you have not made any other late payments in the preceding six months.

During your first year as a cardholder, you would pay a minimum of $164 in non-refundable fees.

This is money you will never get back, making this a pricey card. Capital One Secured MasterCard is a less expensive choice.

There is no yearly charge, and your security deposit might be $49, $99, or $200 depending on your credit history.

Additionally, the security deposit is refundable. For more information on Total Visa fees, consult the rates, fees, charges, and restrictions section.

Use restrictions: The Total Visa Credit Card has some odd usage restrictions.

For instance, it cannot be used outside the United States or at automatic gas pumps. If you wish to use your card to purchase gasoline, you must enter the gas station and pay at the register.

This rule is inconvenient, as many individuals use credit cards to pay at the gas pump.

Most credit cards offer zero liability protection, which means you are not responsible for unauthorised charges made with your card if it is lost or stolen.

That’s not always the case with the Total Visa Credit Card. You may be held accountable for up to $50 in unauthorised transactions, with some restrictions.



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