How to pass BECE and WASSCE Examinations with high marks [Best Tips]


Are you wondering how to pass the BECE and WASSCE exams with excellent marks? We’ve got you covered with this masterwork, which includes ideas that will boost your exam marks and help you do well.

Students approach each examination hall wanting to do well on questions and obtain high marks in their individual WAEC exams. Many students, however, are disappointed when the results are announced. You wonder what transpired during the exam and what exactly the student wrote.

Every year, a large proportion of pupils fail the BECE and WASSCE when they should pass. The truth is that students make a lot of mistakes in the test room as a result of poor preparation, poor presentation of answers, or writing low-quality responses, which results in poor grades.

In this essay, we will go over how to answer your questions and get good marks in your WAEC BECE or WASSCE exams.

If there is one thing that students in West Africa fear, it is the conducted examinations. Most students are terrified of the examination, but this will not help them.

If you follow the advice in this article, you should be able to overcome your fear of failure and prepare for greater results.

How to Pass the BECE and WASSCE Exams with High Marks…
#1. Be Specific in Your Responses, Straight To The Point But Not Too Brief.

To pass the BECE and WASSCE exams with excellent scores, submit clear answers that are free of extraneous material, but do not make them too short to lose marks.

This means that you should not write replies to questions that are either too short or too long. To demonstrate, consider the following BECE social studies question.

Give four reasons why water bodies are important to Ghana’s economy or state four reasons why water bodies are important to Ghana’s economy.

If a pupil writes replies like,

a. It generates income

b. It contains protein.

c. Water for domestic usage

d. We ride on it.

In fact, the aforementioned answers are insufficient for such a question, and while you will be marked accurate, you will not receive more than 4 marks if the question is worth 10 points. You see, writing such brief responses will do you more harm than good.

Instead, as previously stated, provide detailed replies with examples.

a. Water bodies provide a source of revenue for fishermen and fishmongers, allowing them to provide for their families.

b. The fish captured in these rivers, such as Tilapia, serve as protein in people’s diets.

c. Water from bodies of water such as rivers is utilized for household chores such as washing and to chill machines in industries.

d. Water bodies such as the Volta River serve as a mode of transit from the south to the north of Ghana, using boats and canoes.

Where the question, for example, is an essay question Discuss the four relevance of water bodies to Ghana’s economy. You must be aware of the structure you must employ. S proposed answer structure will necessitate the following.

a. Explanation of the fundamental concept or issues, such as rivers, naming a few instances and indicating how they benefit humans in a variety of ways.

Depending on where you live, every country has water bodies. Ghana, a country located near the Gulf of Guinea, has various rivers that originate in the mountains and run into the sea to complete their course. River Pra, River Volta, and River Bia are three of these incredibly useful natural gifts.

Rivers in Ghana continue to play vital roles in the development of the country as well as the lives of individuals who live along and near them. Some of the important or beneficial effects of rivers are discussed here.

The below is a simple but effective opening to such an essay question. Because this is an essay question, you must clarify the essential arguments in order and back them up with credible examples or scenarios.

Begin each new paragraph with a linking word or conjunction. Here are several examples: First and foremost, it is also necessary to state that, It is also necessary to state,…

Before you raise the new point, each of these should be separated by a comma.

It is now evident that state inquiries in disciplines such as RME, Social Studies, and others are not to be answered in any case. Follow the aforementioned tips and improve on them to get good scores in your exam.

Be expensive and write well while answering questions in the method given. Check your punctuation, write the correct facts, and don’t beat around the bush by include extraneous information that adds nothing to your response.

#2. Use the proper formulas and units in mathematics and all other subjects where they are required.

Master the required formulas and units of measurement to pass the BECE and WASSCE examinations with flying colors.

This is an essential tip that you should not disregard. It is harmful to submit an accurate answer in an examination if you are answering questions in a Science topic, mathematics, technical subject, or other subject that has units of measurement.

Remember to utilize the correct formula to pass these subjects. Make every effort to understand the formula before entering the examination hall. This is possible if you plan thoroughly ahead of time. Several weeks before the exam, you can learn the formulas and practice correctly applying them. Get a notebook and study these formulas alongside other text for the corresponding subjects.

#3. Time yourself and put yourself to the test.

Students who are unable to answer the required number of questions in the test hall are frequently affected by their inability to provide all answers within the time allotted. Training yourself to do so is one approach to avoid this. Take a look at previous questions and try to answer them in the time allotted for the exam. If the paper is two hours long, aim to complete the required number of questions from the previous paper in two hours. After a while, try tackling different questions by giving yourself less time or doubling the number of questions to solve while keeping the 2 hour time limit. This activity will help you to train yourself. Not knowing the required answers can also result in you squandering time in the examination hall and not being able to thoroughly answer the questions. To get good grades on your exam, practice answering questions quickly and accurately in trial tests, end-of-term exams, and mocks. You can also allot time to each question and ensure that after that time is up, you go on to the next question.

#4. Plan your responses and make time to read over them.

It is incorrect to pick up a pen and begin writing without first planning your essay. To do so, go through the questions and select the ones you can answer. Plan ahead of time by scribbling down your answer skeletons. Begin by answering the questions that you can answer extremely well. You may be thinking about how to solve the others as you respond. You are not required to answer the questions in the order that the examiner has arranged them. For example, if the question you’re answering is Q1. and it includes a, b, c, and d but you may answer c, d, a, and b in that fashion, go ahead and answer them that way but make sure you number them correctly.

Again, if you have elected to answer questions 1, 3, and 5, you are not required to do so in that other. If question 5 is your best question, answer it first before moving on to the next greatest question.

#5 Go over your responses.

Another strategy to accomplish well if you want to SCORE High Marks in BECE and WASSCE Examinations is to read through your final answer before submitting the scripts.

Most pupils write their replies without reading them through. Reading through will assist in identifying errors and missing replies. If you look through your responses, you can correct any incorrect grammar, spelling, or omissions. To pass your exam, make sure you give yourself enough time to go over your answers. For example, if section B, or the essay component of the examination, is a 2-hour paper with four questions, allot two minutes to each question, ten minutes to plan your replies, and five minutes to read over and make adjustments.

#6. Follow the norms of the examination and do not challenge it or the invigilator.

The regulations of the examination can help you write right answers and excel. Each component of the question paper also includes thorough yet straightforward instructions. Read them and provide your replies in accordance with them. If the instruction states to attempt or answer four questions, do your best to answer the appropriate number of questions. If you are unable to answer your final question, write the question number and begin something else.

WAEC exam guidelines are not there to embellish your paper, yet it is unfortunate that most students do not bother to read the WAEC exam rules and regulations before and after the exams. It is strongly advised that you follow the regulations in order to sit for all of your papers without encountering any problems with the invigilators or examiners.

Study, Study, and Study

To pass the BECE or WASSCE, you must study diligently. Make a personal schedule, be disciplined, and sit to learn, as well as practice with prior papers. Make Make friends with all of the good pupils in your class or school and solicit their assistance. Learn from them, and then teach others what you’ve learned from them. Also, if you are unsure about anything, ask them questions.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Because your handwriting must be clear and readable, make an extra effort to write in a way that others can read. All of the right answers you write for an examiner can be hidden by poor and difficult-to-read writing. In fact, sloppy handwriting irritates examiners and makes it difficult for them to evaluate you. Write eligible enough for the markers to notice what you’ve written to enhance your writing. If you are a superb or even an average student with poor penmanship, you may be in trouble. This is critical since many students have strong academic credentials but fail due to poor handwriting. Take your time and work on your writing skills.

We have no doubt that this post on How to Pass BECE and WASSCE Exams with High Marks has opened many people’s eyes. Make every effort to put the proposals into action.

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