How To Print NSS Monthly Evaluation Form

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The National Service Scheme Evaluation Form – NSS Monthly Evaluation form is a duty report document that National Service Personnel are required to submit to the scheme’s district office every month. This is a method used by the program to measure the efficiency of workers following NSS postings.

The NSS monthly evaluation form is supposed to be signed by the service personnel’s supervisor – as a manner of certifying the service personnel’s timeliness.

As the supervisor of the service employees, the scheme allows for comments on the efficiency of the personnel at work.

The NSS monthly assessment form contains your identity information, such as your phone number, NSS number, and email address, as well as additional information that is usually present on the form.


Download the NSS Monthly Evaluation Form

Logging onto your NSS Portal will allow you to obtain the NSS Monthly Evaluation Form. The steps below will show you how to simply obtain and download the NSS evaluation form.

Printing the NSS Monthly Evaluation Form.

The processes for printing the NSS monthly assessment form are as follows:

Step 1: Go to in to see your NSS dashboard.

Step 2: Enter the email address you used to register.

Step 3: Enter your password, keeping in mind that your default password is your NSS pin code, which should be written in capital letters.

Step 4: Click on the specific month form that has been published or made available on the NSS Dashboard to print your Monthly Evaluation for the processing of your Monthly Allowance.

Step 5: Give it to your boss to sign and stamp.

Make a photocopy for yourself and send the original signed to your NSS District Office; failing to do so results in the withholding of personnel monthly allowance processing. A form that has not been signed and stamped by a Supervisor will be deemed void.

Things you see on the NSS Monthly evaluation form Before Printing

  1. QR Code
  2. Your Upload Image
  3. Month/Year
  4. Name of District
  5. E-zwich Number

NB: NSS Personnel who do not find the forms on their dashboard are advised to be patient as the forms are issued to all gradually.


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