How To Recharge From Your First Bank Account

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You’re looking for First Bank Recharge Code 2022, aren’t you? I’ll demonstrate how to recharge from your first bank account in this article. The First Bank’s airtime recharge service is accessible at all times. This approach enables you to purchase airtime for yourself or others using USSD codes.

The financial system has improved throughout the years. The emerging trend is digital banking, which promotes cashless transactions. First bank Nigeria offers a variety of mobile and online banking platforms that enable you to manage your account from the comfort of your home. This means that you are not need to visit a bank first to conduct transactions.

This website is dedicated to educating visitors about the various bank digital banking platforms available. The following are some of the important subjects we’ve discussed on the First bank mobile/internet banking platform. These are guidelines that have been designed to make online and mobile banking as simple as possible for you.

The Best Way To Purchase Airtime From The First Bank




The following is a step-by-step guide on how to recharge your phone from the first bank. For your convenience, the first bank airtime recharge code and other mobile banking operations utilizing USSD codes are available for you to use. You must enable First bank mobile banking on the phone number associated with your first bank account.


Self-Top-Up Code For The First Bank

This technique is used to purchase airtime for the phone number associated with your first bank account.

To recharge your phone, call *894*amount# on your phone, e.g. *894*200#, and you will be credited with N200. This is achievable if you use the same phone number as when you opened your first bank account.

First Bank Recharge Code for Third Parties

This strategy is utilized if you need to recharge phone numbers that are not associated with your primary bank account. Whether it’s your own phone number that you didn’t use to open your first bank account, or the phone numbers of your friends and relatives.

To recharge additional phone numbers, such as those owned by relatives and friends. To recharge a third-party phone number, call *894*Amount*phone number#, for example, *894*200*08104128059#. The phone number you supplied will be credited with N200.

Limit on First Bank Airtime Recharge

This is the maximum quantity of airtime you may purchase in a single day from your first bank account. You have a daily recharge limit of 3,000 naira. This implies that you cannot purchase airtime worth more than 3,000 naira each day. If you refilled your bank account with 3,000. You must wait till the following day to use your account’s airtime.



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