How To Send Money To Canada From USA

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You want to send money to Canada in the fastest and safest way possible. Then, don’t worry, because we’re here for you. We’re going to tell you the most important things to do when you send money to Canada, so stay tuned.

Fill your wallet up with money

To send money from Canada to the United States, deposit money into your wallet right away with your online banking.

At the Best Fx Rate, convert Cad to cash.



We use the real mid-market conversion rate, which means that only 9.03 percent of the total amount of money is paid for by the customer.

Send your payment like you would to a friend.

People will get your money in one business day or less. When you pay your suppliers through a local clearing system, your money spends less time in transit and more time in your account, which means you have more money to spend.

Direct payment to Canada in a short amount of time

Looking for a way to send money from Canada to the United States? We can help you. Log into the online platform, add money to your wallet, convert the US dollar to the Canadian dollar, and send your payment. People who receive your money will get it in one business day or less.

Simple fees with low costs

U.S. dollars can be exchanged into Canadian dollars for just 0.3% more than they would be if you used our transparent, interbank exchange rate. All transactions are free and there are no sign-up fees.

Yes, I want to know how long my payment to Canada will take.

To pay for things with a local check or money order, your money will be sent to Canada in less than a business day. We will move your money through Canada’s local banking system, so your Canadian dollar payments will arrive quickly and in full.


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