How to transfer money and pay bills through Bank Of America Online banking and mobile App

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When it comes to money transfers, bill payments, account opening, checking and savings accounts, internet banking, and mobile apps, Bank of America provides superior financial services.
Money transfers between Merrill Edge investment accounts and other bank accounts are made simple by Bank of America. Customers can effortlessly and efficiently transfer money across different accounts by using mobile apps and online banking while on the road.
BOA account holders can now set up automatic transfers between their checking and savings accounts, transfer money between their personal and corporate accounts, and more. Set transfers for future dates up to a year in advance.

Customers must sign up for either mobile apps or online banking, though. Learn how to sign up for mobile apps and online banking so you can deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills, and check account statements without stress.

In this article, I’ll go through how to use Bank of America’s mobile app and online banking to transfer money, pay bills, and lock or unlock a debit card.

How to send money out of Bank of America

Customers of Bank of America can effortlessly transfer money via Zelle, online banking, or a mobile app, as desired.

1. Using a mobile application and Zelle transfers

Customers only need their cell phone number or email address to send money from Bank of America utilizing zelle.

Additionally, you can add recipients from your contacts and send out several money requests to conveniently split a bill.

Utilizing mobile banking

To rapidly pay an unexpected payment or save for that particular purchase, you can make real-time transfers1 between your accounts. The following procedures make it simple to transfer money using mobile banking:

Note that only certain mobile devices support Bank of America Mobile Banking, which you must download using the Mobile Banking app.

1. Use your fingerprint to sign into the mobile app securely.

2. Click Send | Transfer, then click Make a Transfer.

3. Choose the account you wish to transfer funds from, followed by the account you wish to send funds to.

4. Type in the desired transfer amount.

5. Type the date on which you wish the transaction to take place, then select Continue.

6. Verify the transactional information, then hit Make Transfer to finish.

3. By utilizing online banking

By following the instructions below, members of Bank of America can make real-time transfers between their accounts to save for that special purchase or pay an unexpected expenditure, all via Online Banking.

1. Go to to sign up for online banking.

2. To ensure accuracy, under Transfer, choose Between my BofA accounts.

3. Include the account from which you want to send money. Between your Bank of America, Private Bank, and Merrill Investment accounts, transfers are possible.

4. Tap TO to choose the account to which you want to send the funds. You can move funds to a Merrill investment account, a Private Bank account, or another Bank of America account.

5. Enter or choose the amount you want to transfer.

6. Pick the preferred Payment Date or Period.

Pick Continue Transfer in step 7.

8.Make the necessary changes to your transfer’s information, then click Make Transfer.

9. A success or confirmation message will be sent to you. Direct transfers will be shown in your account details right away.

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Debit Card Lock/Unlock Instructions

Customers of Bank of America can easily lock or unlock their debit cards to stop unauthorized use while they search for their lost card. utilizing the Online Banking or Mobile Banking app.

1. Use a mobile app to lock or unlock a debit card.

Using a mobile app, you can lock or unlock your debit card if your account is compromised or if you lose it. The steps are as follows:

. Access the Mobile Banking program.

. Select “Menu” from the menu.

Select Manage Debit/Credit Card.

Swiping left will allow you to choose which debit card to lock. Click Lock after making the appropriate card selection.

. After reading the terms and conditions, select LOCK CARD.

Simply repeat the process and choose Unlock to unlock the card.

2. Using online banking to lock and unlock a debit card

You can use online banking to prevent illegal transactions by following these instructions on how to lock and unlock your debit card.


Visit to access Online Banking.

Select Manage card settings from the Accounts tab by hovering over it.

. Your debit or ATM card will automatically show up. Choose “Lock your card”

. After reviewing the terms and conditions, choose the Lock card.

To release Simply repeat the procedure and click Lock your card to turn it Off.

How to pay Bank of America bills

Holders of BOA accounts can conveniently pay bills online from the convenience of their homes, including phone, cable, and utility payments. Once you’ve signed up for online banking, you can pay bills using the mobile banking app and internet banking. You may set up one-time or monthly payments with bill pay.

1. Using a mobile app to pay bills

Bank of America has created straightforward procedures that let clients simply pay their bills using a mobile app from any location. Please follow the instructions below to pay bills using a mobile app.

. Open the Mobile Banking app and log in.

To get going, click the Bill Pay button.

Choose the account that needs to be paid.

Note:This page will display all of the payees you’ve previously configured.

Choose your Payee

Type in the amount and the delivery deadline. Choose Frequency if you want to set up a recurring payment for the same amount on your preferred schedule.

Before clicking Pay, make sure all the information is correct. Money won’t leave your account until the Delivered Date the date.

. Before you click DONE, you have the option to print, email, or keep a copy of your payment. In the Activity tab, you can also check scheduled payments and payment histories.

2. Using online banking to pay bills

With Bank of America Online Banking, you can plan safe bill payments to people or companies. You may learn how to schedule and pay a bill by following these steps.

. Visit to log into online banking.

Hover over Bill Pay on the accounts overview screen and choose Payment Center.

. Here, all of your previously created payees will be displayed. Decide which account you want to pay.

Add the payment amount and the delivery deadline. Select AutoPay to set up regular payments for the same amount on your preferred schedule.

You need to activate e-Bills in order to set up regular payments. Remember that activating e-Bills may take up to a complete billing cycle. By selecting Activity, you may also see scheduled payments and payment history.

Choose the delivery deadline for your payment.

. Verify all of the information before choosing Make Payments. Money won’t leave your account prior to the Delivered Date the date

. You will get a confirmation that your payment was successfully booked after choosing Make Payments. Before you sign out, you can print a copy of the payment information.


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