How To Transfer Money From Jaiz Bank To Another Bank

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JAIZ Bank has made it easier for her customers to do banking from home by giving them a USSD code. You don’t have to go to the ATM to move money or pay other bills. You can use the JAIZ bank transfer code to send money to other bank accounts and to keep track of your JAIZ bank account.

It’s a ussd code that you’ll dial on your phone. Then, follow the instructions on the screen and send money. For people who have used JAIZ bank before and for people who haven’t.

Features of the JAIZ Mobile Banking Code or App:

If you activate the JAIZ bank ussd or mobile banking platform on your account, here are some things that you will be able to do and enjoy.



Keeping track of things (Account balance, Transaction history)
Instant money: Own account, other Jaiz Bank accounts, and third-party Bank accounts can all be moved with the money.
It’s called “cheques” (Confirm Cheque and Stop Cheque)
Paying the bill
To make a payment on time, you have to set
Card Services
Airtime is bought.
How do I sign up for JAIZ Bank’s USSD banking?

This is for people who have a JAIZ bank account. For JAIZ bank mobile banking, dial *389*301# on the Sim card that is linked with your JAIZ account and then enter your JAIZ bank account number. To make sure that you have your debit card, make sure that you have it with you.

Follow the steps on the screen to activate your ussd banking. In the past, you had to go to the bank in order to make a bank transaction.

It tells you how to buy airtime from JAIZ Bank.

Avoid running out of airtime. You can also buy airtime any time you run out of one, so don’t worry about it. There are no ATMs or banks where you can buy airtime. It is very simple. By following the steps below, you can buy an ATM from your JAIZ bank account.

Use this method if you only want to recharge the phone number linked to your JAIZ account.

Call *773*Amount#.

A good example: To recharge your cell phone with N1,000, all you have to do is call *773*1000#.

This method is used to recharge phones that are not linked to your JAIZ account.

*773*Amount*Phone Number#*

You can recharge your phone with N1,000 by calling *773*1000*09055553225#.

People who want to check their balance at the Jaiz Bank can use this number:

Call the jaiz bank account balance enquiry code through the ussd *773#. Then, answer 5 and answer the correct way again to choose your account number. To finish the process, go ahead and enter your jaiz transaction PIN.


To check your account balance right away, dial *773*0#.

From JAIZ Bank, how do I move money to another bank account?

Bank transfer codes can be used to send money from one JAIZ bank account to another one in the country. USSD codes can be used for this.

Call *773#, then choose the transfer option.
Follow the instructions on the screen to finish your transfer.


You can use the mobile app option. To make a transfer on the JAIZ bank mobile app, follow the steps below.

You can get the JAIZ bank app from Google Play. There is a way to get the JAIZ bank mobile app for iOS on the apple store.
Install the app and open it up to see what it can do.
Choose “Create Account” to start a new one.
When you’ve filled out the form, make your login information strong so that scammers don’t try to get in.
It’s important to make sure that the email address linked to your account is active and safe.
Once you register your profile.
Go into your account with your ID and password.
To change your default pin, click on security. Then, put something that you can remember quickly. That is your transfer pin, which you will use to make sure that each transaction goes through.
Click on the button that says “Menu.” If the transfer is to another JAIZ bank account, choose intra and inter. If the transfer is to another JAIZ bank account, choose intra and inter (if it is to other banks).
Make sure you choose the account from which you want to transfer money. Then, enter the amount of money that you want to transfer.
Make sure you put in the person’s bank information correctly so that you don’t send money to the wrong account.
Now, use your 4 digit pin to confirm the transaction.
If you see a success message, you’ve done a good job of moving money.



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