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You could have needed to block someone on Venmo for a variety of reasons. People may choose to block other users on Venmo for a variety of reasons, including spamming, privacy concerns, and many more. After some time has passed, though, you might be curious about unblocking the user.

You shouldn’t worry if you have already blocked someone and are unsure of how to unblock them. We’ll walk you through the process of unblocking someone on Venmo, provide you with workarounds for blocking friends, and much more.

On Venmo, how can I unblock someone?

You may have blocked someone for one or more reasons. It’s possible that you’ll want to find a means to unblock the person once the problems have been handled. The steps to unblock the user on your account are outlined below.


Tap the 3 Line icon in the Venmo app after starting it.

If you want to unblock someone on your account, you must start by doing this. You must hit the three lines in the top left corner of your phone after opening the app. You will then have access to a selection of choices.




After you have tapped the three lines in the top left corner of your phone, you must do this. On your phone, you must scroll down and select the settings option. Your screen will display a list of settings once you click on Settings. You can select privacy since this determines who has access to your profile.




Select a user by clicking on Blocked Users.

You have virtually finished unblocking the individual on your list once you clicked settings. Following your selection of options, you must select Blocked Users. You may view a list of the users you’ve blocked on your account by clicking on blocked users.


You can then choose the person you wish to unblock from the list after clicking on blocked users to view the list. After making your choice, you can proceed to the last few steps.




Tap the three icons, then select Unblock.

The last step you need to perform if you want to unblock someone on your account is this one. You can then tap the three icons in the top left corner of your screen after choosing the individual on your blocked list. After tapping this symbol, you must select unblock twice. If you do this, the blocked individual will be added to your list of friends automatically.


You should be aware that once the person is taken off the blocked list, they will have access to viewing your transactions. The person can now message you and use a variety of other things that were previously unavailable to them.




Can I Conduct Business With Blocked Individuals?





When it comes to blocking and unblocking people, this is one topic that many people frequently ask. You should be aware that once a contact has been blocked, you won’t be able to conduct business with them.


You can only conduct business with the person outside of the Venmo app. However, you cannot conduct any transactions with the individual within the app while they are barred on your Venmo account unless you unblock them.


What Takes Place When Someone Is Blocked on My Venmo Account?


You might be a little cautious about the types of people you add to your Venmo friend list since you are aware that they will have access to your transaction history. Here is a rundown of what happens to you or the individual after you block any of your pals on Venmo.




Unable to Complete Transactions

It is difficult for you to conduct any transactions with anyone you have blocked on your account once you have done so. The cause is quite obvious. You can tell someone you don’t want to do business with them by banning them on your account.


Additionally, they won’t be able to do any sort of transaction with you via Venmo. Unless the person is unblocked, the only way you can transact with them is outside of Venmo.


Failure to locate the user profile

Another thing that occurs after blocking someone on your account is this. You won’t be able to access a person’s profile on your Venmo account if you browse through your friends list. The person won’t even be visible to you.

On the other hand, they won’t be able to view your profile either. As long as they are blocked, no matter how hard they search for you on Venmo, they will not be able to discover you or your profile.


You must unblock the individual if you want to view their profile or if you want them to view yours.




Interference with Communication

When you choose to block someone on your buddy list, this is what happens on the third occasion. On the app, you won’t be able to interact with the person in any way. You will only be able to contact the person via means other than Venmo.


Additionally, the person will be unable to message you if they try. Until they are unblocked, the blocked contact will be unable to communicate with you in any way.




How Do I Change My Venmo Privacy Settings?

There are alternative options or actions you can do if you believe barring someone from accessing your account is an overly harsh measure. Your Venmo account has privacy options. You can use it to manage who has access to different Venmo features.

With privacy settings, you can access your transaction history, avoid the stress of barring someone, and do much more. The steps for changing your privacy settings are listed below.

Open the Venmo app’s settings.
Select privacy. You can see a number of options once you click on privacy.
From the list of choices, select private.
once you have selected private, select save settings.

Once this is completed, only you and your recipient have access to your transaction. In this manner, you can maintain your friendships without disclosing your past financial dealings.


Apart from that, you can modify your privacy settings however you choose. If you want everyone to be able to see your transaction history, you can choose to change your default transaction. You can limit it to to those with whom you have dealings.


All you have to do to choose who can see your current transactions is to follow the instructions below.


You’ll need to open a payment page.
After doing so, you can proceed to the privacy settings and decide who can see this.
Choose from the options of friends, public, or private when you view them. Who can view the transaction will depend on the parameters you select.


You should also be aware that you have the option to hide your transaction history to keep others from seeing it. However, keep in mind that once you do this, it cannot be undone, and your transaction history will be permanently hidden.


To conceal your transaction history, take the actions listed below.


Access settings
Select Privacy.
select a previous transaction.
Select the options by clicking them.

Your transaction settings will be automatically modified once you’ve done this.



On the Venmo app, unblocking someone is rather simple. All you have to do is adhere to the instructions above. You should be aware that once someone has been blacklisted, no further transactions may be made with them.


A quick read through will provide you with all the information you require. In addition to the inability to do transitions, the article also highlighted several other things that occur when you block someone.


In order to avoid having to ban someone, we have also provided you with privacy alternatives. You can unblock friends on Venmo and do a lot more once you’ve read the post in its entirety.

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