How To Upgrade A Fidelity Bank Account In Nigeria 2022

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This article will show you how to enhance your Fidelity Bank account in Nigeria.

Did you use USSD banking to open your Fidelity Bank account?

Then you’ll need to upgrade your account in order to use all of Fidelity Bank’s services.

I’ll teach you how to enhance your Fidelity Bank account in Nigeria in today’s banking guide.



Fidelity Bank accounts can be opened in a variety of methods these days, including online, by USSD code, through the Fidelity Bank mobile app, and in person at a branch.

However, using the USSD number to open a Fidelity Bank account will only offer you limited access to their services; you will need to upgrade your account to have full access to all of their services.

Upgrading your bank account does not imply that you must make a specific deposit.

You may also need to qualify for anything, but your bank account information is incomplete, and you must produce more documents to complete your bank account profile.

It is also recommended that consumers who made accounts using a USSD code upgrade their accounts.

Because you will have full access to all Fidelity Bank services once your bank account has been upgraded.

Now that you know why you need your account, let’s look at how the upgrade process works.

How Does a Fidelity Bank Account Upgrade Work?

Upgrading your Fidelity Bank account works in the sense that clients who open accounts using a USSD code will not have all of the necessary information on their accounts.

As a result, the bank account will only be able to provide certain services.

To complete their account profile, the customer will need to provide additional documents such as passport photos, identification cards, proof of residency, and a variety of other documents.

This is how a Fidelity Bank account is upgraded.

Upgrade Your Bank Account Requirement

The following are the requirements for upgrading your Fidelity Bank account in Nigeria:

1. Photo for your passport

2. A national identification card

3. Verification Number from the Bank

NIN is a number four.

5. Residency proof

The following are some of the items you’ll need to upgrade your Fidelity Bank account.

In Nigeria, How Do You Upgrade Your Fidelity Bank Account?

Follow these procedures to enhance your Fidelity Bank account:

1. Bring the necessary documents to your nearest Fidelity Bank branch: passport photo, BVN, utility bill, National ID, and NIN.

2. Request a Fidelity Bank account upgrade from the best Fidelity Bank salesperson available.

3. After that, hand over the essential paperwork to the official to begin the upgrade process.

4. After you’ve submitted the relevant documentation, your request will be routed to the appropriate department for account upgrade.

5. The legitimacy of your document will be determined.

6. After your information has been checked and approved.

Your Fidelity Bank account will be immediately upgraded.

That’s how you can have your Fidelity Bank account upgraded.






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