How To Win A Chargeback As A Seller? (5 Steps)

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Chargebacks can be very bad for businesses and sellers. Not only will you lose a lot of money, but you’ll also have to pay a fee to get the money back.

As a Merchant, you should do everything you can to avoid Chargebacks. One way to do this is to set up several Chargebacks policies that your customers can follow.


When a customer asks their bank to do a “Chargeback,” you will get a “Chargeback notice,” to which you must respond before the deadline given in the chargeback notice.

But if you get a chargeback notice, you will have to provide the necessary documents as proof. These documents are what will help you win a Chargeback case.

So, in this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to easily win a dispute in general.


How a seller can win a chargeback


To win a chargeback as a seller, you need to make sure you have the right paperwork. Here are some ways that you, as a seller, can win a chargeback.

The first thing you should do when you get a Chargeback notice is to look at the response code.


The Response Code helps you figure out why the customer is disputing a certain charge. It is usually sent out by the bank that issued the card and says why the Chargeback happened.

Before you can find out the reason code, you need to know which card network the user is using, since each card network has its own reason codes.


Here are some of the most-used reason codes:


57: Fraudulent multiple transactions. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that the merchant tried to process multiple transactions fraudulently. It can also mean that the cardholder gave permission for the purchase but then changed their mind.

62: Counterfeit transactions: the cardholder denies authorizing the transaction or taking part in it.


81: Fraud: Card-Present Environment: The cardholder did not authorize the transaction in a card-present environment


83: Fraud: Card-Not-Present Environment: The cardholder did not authorize the transaction in a card-not-present environment.

• Give accurate information about the conflict.

As a seller, you should make sure to give all the information you need about the dispute. The documents you give should be convincing and should be used as proof.


So, if you want to win the case, you will have to give all of the information about the dispute. To win a Chargeback case, you need things like confirmation emails, automated invoices, follow-up emails, and emails with relevant tracking information.

But giving the right information depends on what kind of service is being disputed. So, your documents need to show a description of the service you provided and proof that the customer got the item, which can be done with signatures.


When you get a chargeback notice as a merchant, you need to act quickly by sending the required documents before the deadline on the notice.

Depending on the dispute, some may take a long time to answer, while others may be easy. In either case, you need to make sure you answer the dispute at the right time and with all the information needed.


• Write a good letter in response

A chargeback can also be won with the help of a “Rebuttal Letter.” When you get a chargeback notice, you also have to send a “Rebuttal Letter,” which is an introduction to the evidence you’re sending.

So, you should make sure to give a thorough summary of the evidence in the Rebuttal Letter.


Some Chargebacks can be too hard for a merchant to handle, so they should think about getting help from legal bodies.

Several technologies and bodies can help you fight back against Chargebacks cases. You should use all of them, especially if the dispute is hard to handle.


How do you always win a charge-back?



You can win chargebacks by showing proof of the transaction dispute in the form of the right paperwork.

All of the information about the transaction and your refund and return policy must be in the documents. As well as being true, the documents must not make any false claims.


So, this is the only way to win a Chargeback every time.

How Often Do Merchants Win Chargeback Disputes?


As a merchant, you won’t always win a dispute. Some disputes may be caused by a system error, in which case you will win the case no matter what documents you show.

So, the average amount a merchant gets back from a chargeback is 40%.

Make sure to show proof of the transaction. If you don’t, the chargeback case will go against you.


How Does a Chargeback Happen?

To start a chargeback, you can either call the customer service number for your card issuer or file a dispute online for the transaction in question.


Most card-issuing banks have a number that customers can call to report problems right away. You can also dispute the transaction you want a refund for through the online platform.

Who chooses the winner of a chargeback?


After the card-issuing bank had looked into the Chargeback as much as it needed to, the card was refunded. Who wins a chargeback is up to the bank that issued the card.

If the customer is right and the merchant is wrong, the customer will get their money back. If the customer is right and the merchant is wrong, the customer will get their money back.

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